Integrate & Mobilize Your Data With the Easiest, Most Secure Dashboard Platform


By combining your local and cloud-based data into mobile-friendly mash-ups, your teams will have the data & insights they need to sell & operate more effectively & efficiently.



With Bezlio You Can...

3D Isometric illustration of Bezlio cloud surrounded by laptops, tablets and mobile phones, depicting Bezlio's ability as a mobile data toolkit to access your on-premises data on any device.

Build a Mobile App for Any Data Source

GIF that illustrates the different devices that Bezlio runs on. A desktop, tablet and mobile phone. You can access and interact with your ERP, CRM or other data on any device using Bezlio.

Easily Mobilize Your Current CRM System

A graphical illustration for how Bezlio can display your live ERP data inside of Salesforce. The information is contextual and can be interacted with in real-time and is bi-directional.

Integrate Salesforce + Your Current ERP

An illustration of how Bezlio can bring your ERP and CRM data together and access it on any mobile device, even if the data is behind your firewall. 

Mobile Access to ERP or CRM Data on Any Device

Bezlio is a platform and toolkit that enables anyone to build web portals and apps to view and interact with on-premises and cloud data on any device, from anywhere.

Our unique integration technology lets you bring multiple data sources into one centralized area, display that data in real-time, and even write back to update the original data sources!


Integrate Salesforce + Any ERP

Bezlio is uniquely qualified to integrate Salesforce with any ERP, database, or external data source.

You can see "contextually aware", real-time from any other data source without leaving Salesforce and without having to sync anything to the cloud or open a port in your firewall!

An isometric illustration of how Bezlio works. Your ERP data source stays behind your firewall. Your ERP data and CRM data can be brought together and viewed and consumed on any mobile device without opening any firewall ports or synchronizing data to the cloud.
An illustration of how Bezlio can bring together multiple data sources into one concise portal. The illustration shows how a CRM, ERP, any ODBC data source, a Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce can all be data sources inside of Bezlio.

Bring Together Multiple Data Sources

Bezlio allows you to connect your CRM with your ERP and deliver it to any mobile device, giving sales teams unprecedented insight and robust tools.

Connect multiple ERPs or CRMs, all in different locations into one concise portal available on any device!


Two-Way, Bi-Directional Communications

Bezlio’s unique data communications systems provides full two-way, read/write access to your ERP or CRM data.

View your data and build apps that allow you to act on and update your data sources.

An isometric illustration for how Bezlio's unique architecture can provide you with two-way, bi-directional communications between any mobile device and any on-premises ERP or CRM.
Illustration of a badge with a clock on it, depicting Bezlio's ability to do data transfers in real-time between an ERP or CRM and a mobile device.

Real-Time Data Access

Other analytics platforms show you what has happened. Bezlio allows you to see what is happening right now!

By displaying your ERP and CRM data in real-time with Bezlio, you can make quicker decisions based on current data, not old data that the other platforms are restricted to providing.


No Cloud Synchronization

Bezlio can access on-premises data sources easily and very securely without synchronizing a single byte to the cloud. All of your ERP or CRM data can stay secured, right where it natively lives behind your corporate firewall. 

An illustrated badge that informs that Bezlio does not require you to synchronize your ERP or CRM data to the cloud.

An illustrated badge that depicts Bezlio's encryption level to AES256 standards.

How Secure is Bezlio?

An isometric illustration of how the Bezlio components work inside of your firewall to access on-premises data.

How Does Bezlio Work?

Image of various third party logos of applciations and services that Bezlio inegrates with natively.

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