Connect Your ERP and CRM to Deliver Mobile Sales Apps, Intelligence & Analytics Like You’ve Never Seen

Screenshots of Bezlio on three different devices.  Bezlio allows you to take your CRM data and ERP data and bring them together for powerful sales analytics, dashboards, and KPIs that can be viewed on any mobile device.
Illustration of a 3D bar chart with a trend line which represents Bezlio's ability for sales teams to drive new sales using the data from mobile CRM + ERP access.

Drive New Sales and Enhance Existing Relationships

Illustration of how Bezlio enables read and write access from both CRM and ERP systems, together on any mobile device.
Illustration of a mobile smartphone with a display of Crystal Reports on the screen. Bezlio has a unique capability of letting any mobile user run Crystal Reports on any device, from anywhere.

Instantly Mobilize Your CRM and Tap Into Powerful ERP Data

Utilize Existing Crystal Reports for Instant Reporting Solution

What Happens to Customers After They Drop Out of the Sales Funnel?

Unreliable data and lack of mobile access are putting your sales team at a competitive disadvantage. You risk losing sales opportunities and worse, damaging your brand and reputation by not having your sales team empowered with better intelligence than the competition. Your sales team needs to be able to walk into new opportunities, armed with specific intelligence and data that helps to drive new sales opportunities and enhance your existing business relationships.  

Give your sales team powerful apps and KPIs, delivering sales intelligence all on your mobile device, to drive new sales and enhance existing relationships 

Isometric illustration of data flowing into the sales funnel and then dropping out of the bottom, which represents the inability of sales teams to see important customer sales data after the initial sale.  The ability to read ERP data and combine it with CRM data is Bezlio's strength.

Salesforce Data Integration Platform

Bezlio is uniquely qualified to integrate Salesforce with an ERP, database, or any external data source. Bezlio can even handle Salesforce to Salesforce integrations!  

Bezlio can connect your on-premises data with Salesforce CRM cloud data, all without requiring any data to be synchronized or ever exposing your private data to the Internet.

Illustration of the Bezlio platform and shows how Bezlio can become an integration tool for companies looking to integrate Salesforce with another database, ERP, or other platform...even Salesforce to Salesforce integrations.

Mobile CRM + ERP Data

Bezlio allows you to connect your CRM with your ERP and deliver it to any mobile device, giving sales teams unprecedented insight and robust tools, available on any device from anywhere.  

Empower your team to drive new sales and enhance existing relationships.  

Bezlio securely connects separate data systems and blends them into one concise tool giving sales teams "genius-like" insight into their prospects and customers.

Illustration of 4 screenshots from Bezlio in isometric view, which represents Bezlio's ability to read and write from CRM and ERP systems.  Powerful apps, dashboard and KPIs provide sales teams with the tools to drive new sales and enhance existing relationships.

Simple, Fast & Secure Set-up

Bezlio is simple to install and can be set-up fast and efficiently. Install a single connector internally within your network, without opening any holes in your firewall or saving data to the cloud. Customers using pre-developed integrations and apps can be up and running within an hour.  

3D illustration of a stopwatch indicating one hour elapsed.  This represents Bezlio's ability to be set-up by adminstrators quickly and securely.

Sales KPIs Galore

Bezlio’s cloud service connects to your ERP and CRM, mashing data from separate systems together to provide remarkable insights into prospects and customers...information that your competitors don’t have!

Screenshots from the Bezlio interface that is designed for sales teams.  The KPIs, charts, graphs and metrics that pull data from both CRMs and ERPs, provide business intelligence on your customers that give sales teams an advantage over their competitors.

Sales Data Mash-ups

Important sales data isn’t always in convenient places.

Databases, spreadsheets, and cloud services all hold critical data but aren’t connected. Bezlio allows you to access all of your data sources where they currently live and then combine them into mash-ups of data that provide unique sales intelligence that you’ve never had before.

Example of Google Maps and a CRM mash-up on Bezlio.

Example of Google Maps and a CRM mash-up on Bezlio.


Real-time Data and Sales Intelligence

Using unreliable, out-of-date information is inexcusable.

Bezlio provides real-time data and insights to your sales team while they are at the conference room table…not in the parking lot before. Your sales team can answer customers questions immediately, not after they get back to the office.

Isometric illustration of Bezlio cloud and different mobile devices surrounding it, illustrating Bezlio's ability to get real-time data from ERPs and CRMs, enabling sales teams to respond to customers immediately.

Powerful Mobile CRM Apps

Your sales team’s responsibilities don’t end at the initial sale.  

By having access to your ERP data, your sales team isn’t flying half blind. Give them ultimate access to see their account’s orders, invoicing, and performance history. Deliver the ability to write back to your ERP to enter RFQs, quotes, and sales orders

3D illustration of the information after a customer comes out the bottom of the sales funnel being converted to sales analytics and business intelligence.  Bezlio provides powerful apps that allow your team to read from and write back to your business systems.

CRM + ERP + Any Device = Mobile Anywhere

Even if your current CRM isn't mobile-friendly, Bezlio can integrate with it and immediately mobilize and arm your sales team with CRM and ERP data together, on any device, from anywhere!

GIF of several CRM system logos that Bezlio connects to and can provide mobile access to any user.


GIF of several ERP system logos that Bezlio connects to and provides mobile access to data for any approved user.


GIF of different mobile devices that Bezlio can be used on, to illustrate the ability to get all of your sales data to your sales team, no matter what device they have or where they are..
Ten Point Crossbow logo from a Bezlio testimonial

"I have to be honest, I love it. It is so clean and easy to view. I think we can completely change our business with Bezlio."

Steve Bednar
Executive Vice President
Ten Point Crossbows

Logo for Kaufman Container, a satisfied Bezlio customer. 

"The Bezlio platform has become a true game changer for Kaufman Container. "

Larry Keilin
IT Manager
Kaufman Container