Real-time access to your ERP data on your mobile device

With An app that accesses Both on-premise & cloud data

Bezlio is a mobile app that provides mobile teams, such as field workers, installers, engineers or sales, with custom screens and dashboards that provide access to ERP data in real-time, on any device.



Our App

utilize the cloud to access and interact with your data without having to expose your private enterprise data to the Internet.

Illustration of a paintbrush and palette, which illustrates Bezlio’s drag and drop design features for a no-code/low-code mobile development platform.

Drag & drop screen design

Illustration of a map pin, which represents Bezlio’s ability to work anywhere, giving sales teams, field workers, and shop-floor employees the ability to work wherever they are.

Works from anywhere

Illustration of a lightning bolt, which represents the ability of the Bezlio platform to read and write to on-premise or cloud data sources in real-time.

Live connection to any data

Illustration of two opposing arrows, which represents Bezlio’s ability to develop applications on a low-code platform that both read and write back to data sources.

Read & write back capabilities




Case Studies

Using Bezlio to Solve Mobile ERP Problems


Jergens Industrial Supply

Learn how the IT department at Jergens used Bezlio for their management, sales, and delivery drivers to access their P21 ERP data, in real-time, on any mobile device.


Mickey Truck Bodies

Learn how Mickey uses Bezlio as an inventory transfer solution to enable shop-floor personnel to issue multiple materials to a job in Epicor ERP from their mobile devices.