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 Mock-ups of Bezlio running on a desktop system, a mobile tablet, and a mobile phone. Bezlio provides the ability for companies to mobilize their workforce by providing manufacturing data analytics and actionable dashboards based on their ERP and CRM data.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Visualize your data and analytics from anywhere, on any device!

Combine your local ERP manufacturing data and any cloud-based data into mobile-friendly, actionable dashboards and data analytics that are available on any desktop or mobile device.


 Mock-up of a mobile phone and a Bezlio actionable dashboard, showing real-time data analytics on any mobile device. The data analytics displayed can be based on a manufacturing ERP system or a sales CRM system, or both!

Mobilize Your Sales Force

Avoid using old, stale data. See what is happening right now.

Give your sales teams the real-time data, predictive analytics, and insights they need to sell and operate more effectively and efficiently. 


 Bezlio Gallery logo, which represents the collection of data visualizations that can used as part of an actionable dashboard or other data analytics program.

Community Gallery

In order to make good decisions, you need accurate, real-time data. You need it in a format that you can easily use. Most importantly, you need that data now!

The Bezlio Gallery is a carefully curated archive of pre-developed dashboards, apps and data visualizations that you can browse, select, and instantly install into your Bezlio account.

The Gallery is more than simply an "app store." It is community-inspired and user-driven. Submit your own Bezls and vote for new ones you want to see added!


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