Desktop & Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

Visualize your data and analytics from anywhere, on any device!

Combine your local ERP data and any cloud-based data into mobile-friendly dashboards and mash-ups available on any desktop or mobile device.

Mock-up of a mobile phone and a Bezlio dashboard, showing real-time data analytics on any mobile device.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Avoid using old, stale data. See what is happening right now.

Give your teams the real-time data and insights they need to sell and operate more effectively and efficiently. 


Instant Business Intelligence Gratification

You cannot just wait on IT. You need that data now!

The Bezlio Gallery is a carefully curated archive of pre-developed dashboards, apps and data visualizations that you can browse, select, and instantly install into your Bezlio account.


Learn How Our Customers Love Bezlio

Why Bezlio?

Illustration of a lightbulb, gears, and airplane, representing how easy it is in Bezlio to go from idea to a live dashboard to actionable insights.

Easiest Dashboard Solution to Install and Deploy

Icons that represent the key security features f Bezlio: no open firewall ports, no data synchronization, and AES256 level encryption.

Most Secure Analytics Solution for Your Data

Illustration of the multiple data sources that can be used inside of Bezlio, including: erp, crm, chat, spreadsheets, Crystal Reports, databases and cloud data sources

Combine Multiple Data Sources Into One Portal

Illustration of a hand holding a loudspeaker, representing how Bezlio provides real-time data insights that allow you to act on that data immediately.

Don't Just View Real-Time Data Insights...Act On Them!

Illustration of a hand holding paper with <html> written on it, representing Bezlio's unique ability to display and customize visualizations on dashboards and analytics using stabndard HTML

Build Custom Visualizations Using Standard HTML

Illustration of a hand holding a magnifying glass with 4 different avatars around it which depicts how Bezlio has dashboard and analytical tools for every business role, giving you a 360 degree view of your business.

Tools for Every Role - Business Analytics With a 360° View