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Mobile ERP: How Long Does It Take To Go Mobile With Bezlio?

Turnkey mobile application implementation and “just ask” customization make rolling out apps for mobile ERP a breeze

So it’s time to take your ERP system mobile. You’ve looked at the options with your ERP (something like Epicor mobile, Infor, SAP or other integrations) but the features and implementation won’t meet your needs…and now you’re looking at Bezlio.

Well, first let me say—great decision! Bezlio can increase the value of your ERP system and make it more accessible all day, every day, for the sales team, field technicians, shopfloor employees—anyone within your organization, from wherever they are.

What’s more, unlike many technology enhancements, implementing Bezlio can be accomplished quickly. And user training is easy, because Bezlio builds on systems your teams already know.

Still, you may be asking—how quick is quickly and how easy is easy? With Bezlio, implementation is almost immediate. Let me walk you through the whole process, it won’t take long.



Perhaps the most difficult stage of a Bezlio roll-out is deciding where to start. The leadership team will want to review the pre-built solutions (we call them ‘bezls’) that are available for your ERP system and determine where you can benefit most from increased mobility.

The great thing about Bezlio is that all of these apps work seamlessly together—but they also perform flawlessly apart. Instead of dealing with monolithic software you must deploy all at once, Bezlio allows you to optimize the highest value target within your business and grow your solution piece by piece.

At first, you might find that the sales team is the “squeaky wheel” internally and the mobile sales app for Infor Visual ERP, for example, will provide the real-time data access they need to manage their accounts. Or it might be field service technicians who are struggling to cost out jobs, track time and deliver effortlessly while on the customer site. Or if you’re a manufacturer, you might find that production labor or materials tracking are the biggest headaches.

But what if you’ve reviewed the bezls listed on our menu and are still not sure how to embark? Just ask! At Bezlio, we understand that each company is different. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from manufacturing to transportation to government entities, and we are standing by to discuss your challenges and help you identify the solutions to rapidly achieve your goals.



Once you pick a bezl, our team will schedule a time to set up initial accounts, install Bezlio and conduct training. This may sound like a lot—and I know, you’ve probably experienced some frustrating technology implementations—but we’ll probably need just an hour or two.

That’s because most of Bezlio lives in the cloud and it’s ready to go. All we need to do there is create user credentials.

Then, to integrate with your ERP software, we simply install the Bezlio Remote Data Broker. This is the system that accesses ERP (and CRM) data, without putting your proprietary information on the internet.

The Bezlio Remote Data Broker isn’t demanding in terms of hardware requirements. Any system with the following will do:

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 500 MB of available storage space

  • Microsoft .net 4.6.2 or above

And don’t worry about .net—it should install automatically via Microsoft Updates. If there are any problems, we’ll assist.

The Bezlio team will handle the entire software installation process. All your IT folks need to do is provide us temporary access.

Download Bezlio Implementation Guide


Now comes the fun part! You have your first bezl, available to users via iOS, Android, Windows PCs and the web client. It’s time to find out what Bezlio can really do.


The installation process and first 30 days are free—so you’ve spent precisely $0 and you have plenty of opportunity to test out the system and compile your wish list of customizations and enhancements.

We expect your employees will generate all kinds of ideas for using Bezlio to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, cost-savings, sales, customer relationships and…you get the picture.

And you’ll be fully supported during the process and throughout your Bezlio journey. Your account manager will be readily accessible to answer questions and assist in developing a strategy to get the most out of Bezlio.



One thing you’ll discover right away when working with your account manager—you’re not “locked in” to anything with Bezlio. If you have feedback or unique requirements, our programming crew is here to help.

We built our platform to meet client needs without the cost or frustration of the typical technology development project. In fact, a bezl, built to your every specification, can be created for a tiny fraction of the price of the usual mobile solution.

So collect ideas, document more of those “problem processes” and bring all of your input straight to us. We’ll help:

  • Customize your existing bezl(s) to offer the features and functionality your team needs and match your workflows exactly as they are performed

  • Determine if there is another bezl that could serve as the foundation for your next ERP mobile transition, or if we should start from scratch and make a bezl just for you

  • Roll out the next stage of your Bezlio implementation with even less fuss than the first—creating credentials for any new users and providing training in the new capabilities. That’s it.

If you’ve been putting off mobile ERP because you thought a mobile application implementation would be long, difficult and risky—well, I hope I’ve convinced you otherwise.

Taking only an hour or two to set up and requiring no initial financial investment, Bezlio is a truly turnkey solution. And once you complete the four brief steps we’ve outlined here, the last one especially welcome—just enjoy the ride.

Ready to go Bezlio? Contact us to begin your mobile ERP journey.

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