From purchase order to shipping, how mobile technology can streamline shop floor operations

October 15, 2022 bezliobellis 0 Comments

New market demand cannot be met by using old technology. The rise in market demand in the 21st century has demanded creativity and innovation of the highest order. Some of the technologies arising are mobile printing, voice-based picking Apps, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

BLE has drastically gained traction and helped streamline manufacturing processes from purchase orders to shipping. BLE is a user-friendly technology that monitors processes, workers, tools, raw materials, and inventory within the organization. It organizes the whole company into a single user-friendly interface.

All the processes can be monitored in a single dashboard—thumbs up to Bezlio for developing such a wonderful mobile solution. We are typically a software development company that provides mobile solutions for managing inventory, tracking shop floor activities, training employees, and monitoring processes.

How BLE facilitates shop floor activities

Gone are days when employers invested heavily in a skilled and expensive workforce. With BLE fully implemented in the workplace, ambiguous processes are executed quickly. The question remains, how does BLE facilitate shop floor tracking? Well, the process is easy to understand but solves technical problems.

BLE optimizes production logistics and tracking the movement of goods within the workplace. Not a single item can go missing because BLE uses tags to track items. Bezlio tracking application sends signals and displays information about the location of the assets on a dashboard.

The shop floor is the foundation of manufacturing, and its automation leverages cloud connection. Thus, automation is significantly possible through the integration of mobile technology. BLE tracking also helps in monitoring the shipment of goods from the warehouse to delivery destinations. Mobile technology has eliminated errors in parcel navigation and delivery.

BLE technology offers real-time alerts in case the performance of machines goes outside the threshold. These alerts are applicable when counting items in warehouses. An automatic alert is sent to notify the supervisor or plant operator when an item is counted twice. With the help of BLE, work instructions can be reduced to electronic documents that are easy to peruse, leading to the digitization of shop floor records.

From locating inventory to job and materials tracking, BLE can help optimize your operations quickly and easily. Learn more about this easy to access technology and how it can build next-generation manufacturing processes to your shop floor.


Training of employees is a critical process in manufacturing companies. The production sector requires a competent workforce, and it depends on the quality of training offered. With the recent automation of shop floor operations, training is one of them. Employees can receive real-time training when required, regardless of their current locations.

Since manufacturing involves ordering raw materials, processing, and delivery, these workflows demand a robust system for recording and storage. Manual checklists have been used for a while, but technology has provided an alternative. With digital checklists, the recording of orders and delivery records has been simplified. These digital checklists are available as mobile applications.

The manufacturing industry is fast growing with greater volume orders that every customer expects to be completed in the usual turnaround time. You should be well prepared to face this high demand. So, when you implement the newest mobile solutions, you will improve your operational efficiency, complete orders quickly, reduce errors, and boost your profit margins.

In conclusion, technology has extended its innovation to real-time monitoring of machines. With a smart device and a tag installed in a machine, the progress of the machine can be monitored to detect failures or predict a failure. Give your shop floor all the technology it needs!


Interested in implementing a mobile development platform like Bezlio to help better manage your inventory and transactions? Contact us today and we can begin customizing a mobile ERP solution to address your business challenges or see our website’s Resources tab for case studies and blogs about our products and services.

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