Bezlio is developed and supported by SaberLogic, a US-based company with 15 years of experience in customizing and optimizing ERP (enterprise resource management) systems and manipulating data.  

You can view our corporate background, motivated (and mustachioed) team members, and exceptional experiences on our website, at

SaberLogic logo - SaberLogic is the developer and support company behind Bezlio

Bezlio History and Timeline

  • Release: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

    Bezlio now includes a native integration to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Feature: Real-Time Data Access

    The change to using the SignalR technology improved the speed of data communications from source data to Bezlio and back, by up to 10x!

  • Release: Salesforce Integration

    Enhanced integration with Salesforce allows users to integrate data from Salesforce with on-premesis and other data sources. Display Bezlio windows inside of Salesforce with contextually aware data.

  • Release: Crystal Reports Integration

    A new integration for Bezlio that allows you to view and execute Crystal Reports from the Bezlio interface.

  • Release: Bezlio for Sales Teams

    A new suite of applications designed specifically for sales reps and teams is released.

  • Release: Epicor ERP Integration

    An integration with Epicor ERP is available with the initial release of Bezlio!

  • Official Release

    Bezlio is officially realeased out of beta and is available for download.

  • Beta Release

    Bezlio is available for the first time to a few select beta customers.

  • Software Development Starts

    The first lines of code for Bezlio are developed. Awe!