Our History 


Bezlio is designed, developed and supported by a dedicated and passionate company located in Akron, Ohio USA, with 16 years of experience in customizing and optimizing ERP (enterprise resource management) systems and manipulating data.  

  • 2018 Mainspring Developer Conference

    Our second annual developer conference was held at Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron, OH.

  • RELEASE: Mobile App

    Our mobile app was officially released to the Apple iOS App Store and to Google Play Android Store.

  • Company: Move to Akron, Ohio

    Relocated the business to Bounce Innovation Hub in downtown Akron, Ohio.

  • Company: Seed Round Investment

    Completed our seed round, with investments from JumpStart, ProMedica Ventures, M25, North Coast Angel Fund, Bounce Innovation Hub, and 6 other angel investors.

  • Use Case: Self-Service Customer Portals

    Providing easy platform to deploy self-service portals based on on-premise data sources for researching invoicing, orders, inventory, order entry & more.

  • Use Case: Amazon + ERP

    An advanced dashboard integration to allow Amazon sellers to manage orders, inventory, and shipping.

  • Use Case: Tableau Write-Back

    An integration with Tableau to allow users to embed Bezlio and write back to on-premises data sources.

  • Feature: Bezlio Gallery

    A curated store of pre-developed dashboards, apps, and data visualizations for self-service data analytics.

  • Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    Bezlio now includes a native integration to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Feature: Real-Time Data Access

    The change to using the SignalR technology improved the speed of data communications from source data to Bezlio and back, by up to 10x!

  • Integration: Salesforce

    Enhanced integration with Salesforce allows users to integrate data from Salesforce with on-premesis and other data sources. Display Bezlio windows inside of Salesforce with contextually aware data.

  • Integration: Crystal Reports

    A new integration for Bezlio that allows you to view and execute Crystal Reports from the Bezlio interface.

  • Use Case: Bezlio for Sales Teams

    A new suite of applications designed specifically for sales reps and teams is released.

  • Release: Epicor ERP Integration

    An integration with Epicor ERP is available with the initial release of Bezlio!

  • Official Release

    Bezlio is officially realeased out of beta and is available for download.

  • Beta Release

    Bezlio is available for the first time to a few select beta customers.

  • Software Development Starts

    The first lines of code for Bezlio are developed. Awe!