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Who We Are

The Path to Elevated Productivity, Accuracy & Efficiency

Bolstered by our founders’ combined knowledge as industry experts with more than two decades of experience customizing and optimizing ERP systems, Bezlio was crafted as a common sense solution for manufacturing shop floors.

Born to Remedy Your Frustrations

Despite our pure ambitions, Bezlio was born out of frustration. As ERP industry veterans, founders Brian and Adam Ellis consistently faced the same frustrations when working with manufacturing companies.

ERP data was locked inside the office, and shop floor and sales employees used paper-based systems, spreadsheets, or slow push/pull integrations to track their activities. The result was that data was never real-time, and productivity suffered.


The Magnificent Possibilities

What sort of solution could offer real-time data access and customization? What sort of solution could limit data recording redundancies and allow employees to work without limitation? What sort of solution could remain easy to use and empower users to achieve new levels of efficiency?

With that aim in focus, the idea for Bezlio, a drop-in mobile add-on for a customer's existing ERP package, was born…

Elevating Your Shop Floor

While every other contemporary of ours aims to benefit only owners and managers, Bezlio is engineered to elevate every aspect of your business.

Shop floor technicians benefit from easy-to-use mobile technology that allows them to do their jobs both better and up to 50% faster.

Salespeople, managers, and more benefit from real-time data that can show them 100% accurate parts inventory, job status, project costs, and more.

Owners and stakeholders benefit from a growing bottom line as a result of increased productivity at every level, seamless collaboration across every department, and a more direct path to success for every job.

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    Our Sophistication Is Found In Our Simplicity.

        Our Benefits Are Elevated Through Customization.

            Our Value Is Realized On Your Shop Floor & In Your Bottom Line.

Our Sophistication Is Found In Our Simplicity.

Our Benefits Are Elevated Through Customization.

Our Value Is Realized On Your Shop Floor & In Your Bottom Line.

Working With the Bezlio Team

A Pioneering Spirit Striving For What Could Be

Led by co-founder Brian Ellis, the Belzio team is the embodiment of the pioneering spirit. This team refuses to settle for what is, and instead strives for what could be. It’s a team that never stops seeking out opportunities for productivity, efficiency, and undiscovered greatness.

As creators, Bezlio team members are technology forward individuals who crave new solutions to empower clients. Through creation, this team seeks to discover points of connection between man and thought, procedure and productivity.

Together, the Bezlio team is bringing the magic of mobile ERP integration to manufacturing companies all over the world.

Bring the Future of ERP to Your Shop Floor

Leverage the power of our mobile ERP add-on application to transform your manufacturing shop floor and non-office teams. Because it’s a layer-on, Bezlio makes use of your existing ERP implementation, saving you from costly and complex outside development.