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Amazon Seller Central Integration


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Bezlio provides a full Amazon Seller Central integration, enabling a complete order-to-shipment integration with your on-premises ERP, website, or accounting system.

Order Integration - Bring in your unshipped Amazon orders for review.  Approved them within Bezlio, which writes the order acknowledgement back to Amazon and creates the sales order within your website, ERP, or accounting system.

Product Integration - Check product inventory from your website or ERP and then update your inventory levels in Amazon.

Shipment Integration - Process order shipments in your website or ERP and then Bezlio updates and confirms them in Amazon.


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 Illustration of the Earth with a map pin placed, to illustrate how Bezlio has Amazon Seller Central integration with sales orders to automatically import them into your ERP.

Enter Sales Orders into Your System from Amazon

By connecting with Amazon’s API, our portal will automatically bring all of your unshipped Amazon orders in for review.  You can then approve these orders within Bezlio, which writes the order acknowledgement back to Amazon while also creating the new sales order within your ERP.

 Illustration of a warehouse shelf with many boxes on top, which represents Bezlio's ability to have Amazon to ERP integration for part inventory.

Integrate Your Product Inventory with Amazon

Bezlio's actionable dashboards allow you to connect your ERP to Amazon Seller Central to check product inventory levels in your ERP and then update your inventory levels in Amazon.

 Illustration of three boxes of different sizes waiting to be shipped, which represents Bezlio's ability to integrate ERP shipments with Amazon to complete the order lifecycle.

Integrate Your Shipments with Amazon

Bezlio's ERP to Amazon shipping integration reads the shipments you make in your ERP and then confirms them in Amazon, providing you with a comprehensive order-to-shipment integration!


 Diagram of how Bezlio integrates with Amazon and your ERP to do automated order entry, inventory management, and shipments. 

How Bezlio Connects Amazon With Your ERP

Bezlio’s ability to read and write to on-premises and cloud data sources in real-time, without synchronizing data, means you can access your Amazon Seller Central order data and your ERP data together, in real-time.

Bezlio + Amazon

Bezlio integrates directly to Amazon Seller Central through Amazon's APIs to export order data and import your ERP inventory and shipment data back into Amazon.

Bezlio + Your ERP

Bezlio integrates with your on-premises ERP system, importing Amazon sales orders and exporting product inventory and order shipment data, all without needing to open any security holes in your firewall.




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