5 Ways to Use GPS to Simplify Business Processes

You already know Bezlio puts crucial information into the hands of mobile workers. You also know it does this securely and in real-time. But did you know Bezlio can utilize your mobile device’s GPS capabilities to make business processes even easier and more efficient?  Like all of Bezlio’s features, geolocation can be customized to fit your needs. Check out these 5 ways users have used geolocation to simplify their business processes:

5 Ways to Use Geolocation to Simplify Business Processes

  1. Field Sales Order Entry

We are seeing more and more businesses enhance their sales processes by offering items for sale directly to the customer from the back of their trucks. Delivery drivers, maintenance providers, and mobile stockists carry inventory with them that their customers can purchase on-site. Why wait for an order to be entered and processed once the driver has returned to the office when the sale can be made immediately?

The Field Sales Order Entry bezl makes this process efficient. The bezl utilizes geolocation to help workers quickly select the customer account based on the nearest customer in the system. The sale can then be made and documented in real-time. No paperwork or calling in to the office necessary.   

2. Plan Sales Visits

Planning travel to visit a customer? Make your trip worthwhile—schedule meetings with as many nearby customers as you can while in town. Nothing competes with quality face time. Quickly see which customers or potential customers are nearby by using the map view in your Customer Accounts bezl.


3. Log a Call

Mobile workers are busy. Whether you’re a service provider or sales account manager, it is important to keep track of every interaction with a customer. Bezlio allows users to utilize geolocation when saving a note in a customer account. Workers can not only keep track of communication with a customer, but track where the conversation occurred. Referencing a specific maintenance call or trade show networking event in a future conversation goes a long way in making a customer feel prioritized. 👌🏼 

4. Make Service Calls More Efficient

We’ve all been there—a maintenance appointment is scheduled for sometime in a 3 hour window. We wait around all afternoon just to be stood up. Now, we will forever hold this experience against the company, anticipating yet another poor customer experience.

Don’t be that company. When emergencies pop up or appointments run long, Bezlio’s geolocation feature allows drivers to see other vehicles in the area and other open jobs. Vehicles closest to the jobs can be sent instead of having someone drive out of their way. This saves time for everyone and makes the customer happy, which is what we all want most at the end of the day.

5. Inventory Tracking

More space = more things = more problems. Right?

Not with Bezlio’s GPS capabilities!

One of our customers has multiple warehouses where inventory and maintenance equipment are stored. The geolocation feature helps workers locate what they need quickly, eliminating the need to call around or go from warehouse to warehouse, saving time and energy.

Do Better Business with GPS

Our #1 priority is to make everyday tasks more efficient for you and your team. Bezlio’s geolocation feature can be customized to fit your company’s needs. Do you want to simplify your business processes with GPS? Let’s chat.