Above and Beyond

How Bezlio goes the distance for our users.

JIS + Bezlio


JIS, Division of Jergens, Inc., Ohio's largest distributor of industrial products, employs a large remote workforce and utilizes Bezlio to keep their data centralized and their teams up to date.

JIS uses Bezlio for a variety of uses. They currently have 45-50 users and 4 different user types. Top Management can see all data in Bezlio, including all sales information with the ability to view individual sales representative performance data. Sales Managers have access to this information for their specific teams. Sales Representatives are able to access their individual information—their customers, goals, etc. Additionally, Delivery Drivers have their own unique set of field service bezls that allow them to share data, like delivery and maintenance schedules, with customers and other tools, making their jobs on the road more efficient.

After implementing Bezlio, it quickly became an essential tool for JIS employees. General Manager, Matt Schron said, “Bezlio is the first application our team opens at the beginning of the day and the last thing they review at the end of the day.”


When JIS severs unexpectedly began shutting down, JIS employees were unable to access Bezlio and their workflow was immediately affected. Our team went to work to find the issue.

Our developers tried many different ways to fix the issue, including splitting the users out onto a couple of different servers, setting up a separate debug server, installing several small application patches, and several other possible solutions. During this trial and error process, they noticed a trend: access was being cut around the same time of day each time.

To test the problem, our developers went above and beyond. Instead of waiting to run more tests or ask JIS’s employees to assist in troubleshooting, developer Joel Hines took the initiative to drive to the JIS parking lot at 5PM where he connected to their Wi-Fi network and attempted to log in to their Bezlio platform.

By putting himself in the center of the issue, Joel and the team found that the BRDB (Bezlio Remote Data Broker) was losing internet connectivity at certain times due to an automatic internet shut off at JIS’s facility. This was making it impossible for remote workers to access the platform.

We worked with JIS’s IT department to resolve the issue and their employees were quickly back to full productivity.

While Bezlio is a low-code/no-code platform that allows you autonomy in building screens and interactive dashboards, you will never be left stranded without assistance in solving problems. With consultative roots, we work collaboratively with our users, meeting you where you’re at and helping to find the best solution for your needs.

Do you want us to go above and beyond for your team? Let us know how we can help!