Barcode Scanning Made Easy

Our main focus at Bezlio is to solve difficult problems hindering businesses’ daily functions and success. Time and time again we see customers wanting to solve these kinds of issues utilizing barcode scanning systems to document and track data.

For years, laser scanners were the sole option for companies. Implementing these systems is costly and time consuming, but all other options were vastly inferior. As technology has progressed, smartphones and tablets have become a better option. Companies no longer have to invest in expensive scanning devices; optimized cameras in today’s smartphones can scan barcodes and quickly retrieve data. With Bezlio, that information can be easily integrated with existing ERP data.

Bezlio takes the ease of smartphone barcode scanning to the next level.

With just one line of code, a barcode scanner can be added to any bezl and information retrieved can be combined with other variables and written back to an ERP system . There is no limit to the ways you can use the scanned data—select a job, write a labor ticket, track inventory, conduct a sale, etc.

See how the scanning feature is utilized in a Labor Entry bezl below:

Labor Entry bezl log in screen

Users can choose a task, job, etc. from a list or scan

When ‘Scan’ is tapped, the camera captures the barcode data

The employee’s job progress is now being logged