Bezlio for Crystal Reports: On Any Device, From Anywhere!

Illustration of two hands holding an iPad mobile tablet, which illustrates bezlio's ability to act as a Crystal Reports web viewer. Reports can be run from any mobile device from a browser or app and displayed to the user's device.

It’s no secret that businesses run on data. And Business Intelligence is integral in delivering that data in meaningful ways. Crystal Reports is one of the most utilized BI platforms businesses use for their reporting needs. But Crystal is a desktop application, and limited to traditional Windows-based laptop/desktop platforms – or at least, it was limited to those platforms until Bezlio came along.

The Bezlio team has once again shifted the paradigm on the way businesses access and utilize their data. The newest tool in the ever-growing toolbox of bezls is Bezlio for Crystal Reports!

Crystal Reports on Any Device

No longer are your reports tied to your laptop or desktop computer – now you can run them on any device with a web browser, be it a mobile phone, tablet or Mac laptop. Unshackle your reports from their Windows environment and take them out on the road. As Kahley Cleveland explains in the accompanying video, setting up and running Bezlio for Crystal Reports is a snap!

Setting Up Crystal Reports in Bezlio

Adding the Crystal Reports Bezl to a Bezlio panel is accomplished very easily by logging in, creating a new panel (or choosing to use an existing panel) and then adding a view to that panel. Finally, the Crystal Reports Bezl (or app) is added to the view by using the Bezl Builder.

Once you add the Crystal Reports viewer, you will now have access to all .rpt files that are available on your Bezlio-enabled server. Running these reports is as simple as clicking on them in the viewer. Bezlio asks Crystal Reports to runs the report on the server.  It then converts it to a PDF, packages and encrypts the file, and delivers it securely to the user’s device where you can view, share or print it.

Using Parameters and Refreshing Data

Data is even more useful when it can be sliced and diced as needed and Bezlio has you covered here as well by allowing for the entry of parameters when running a report. You can quickly run the same report again with new parameters by just selecting a tab in the viewer and entering new parameters.  Bezlio automatically refreshes your data when you change parameters, and you can always manually update the data via the provided "Refresh" button.

As you can see, utilizing Bezlio for Crystal Reports will add yet another powerful weapon to the arsenal of your company’s road warriors by providing timely and secure access to the Business Intelligence they need to be successful.

Ready to Learn More?

If you'd like some more details, hop over here to learn more about this specific integration.  If talking things out is more of your thing, then we'd love to jump on a call with you to talk more about how Bezlio can change the way your team works.