Bezlio for Service Workers

You’re a maintenance worker in the oil & gas industry. You’re in a remote area in a small motel on your 8th day out of 15 on call. It’s 2:00AM and you’re notified that your company’s extraction equipment needs to be repaired. This is a 24-hour industry—it can’t wait until the next day.

You get to the work site and need to immediately begin the repair work—but first, you have to clock in and log your progress. That’s where the Bezlio Field Service bezl comes in.  

Field workers need to track time worked, equipment issues, parts inventory, etc. The process of submitting this information to an ERP system comprises of many, many steps. The time it takes, coupled with spotty mobile reception makes it extremely difficult for field workers to complete all the necessary steps, leaving companies without accurate information.

We recently developed the Field Service bezl to write data back to the Epicor ERP Field Maintenance Module and other ERP systems.


With Bezlio, workers are able to log in on their mobile device with or without internet connection. The one-screen process eliminates the complex multi-screen data entry process, ensuring all information is entered and all steps are completed.

With a never-ending workday, field workers scattered in remote locations with unreliable cell service, and a variety of jobs being completed, the oil & gas industry was a great testing ground for the Field Service bezl. As with all bezls, we strived to make this bezl applicable for many users in any industry. The Field Service bezl will integrate with any ERP system and is ideal for delivery drivers, shop floor workers, repair workers, etc.

Do your workers need to track job progress? We can help!