Bezlio Basics: Create a User Account

Whether short or long, every journey begins with a first step and that's no less true in the case of a first-time Bezlio user. With that in mind, the latest installment of the Bezio Basics video series features Bezlio Sales Account Manager Kahley Cleveland offering a detailed walkthrough of that very first step - the process of creating a user account in Bezlio. 

Start on Our Website, of Course!

The obvious place to start on the journey is the Bezlio website, which you can find at and as Kahley points out, there's a 'Sign Me Up' box prominently highlighted at the top right of the Bezlio homepage. Clicking that box is the doorway into the world of Bezlio and its endless possibilities. 

Pricing Information

Upon clicking a new tab will open up, displaying the current pricing for Bezlio customers. There are two types of accounts offered - an individual user account and a corporate account. Both account types offer 30-day free trials and 20% instant discounts for those who sign up to do annual pre-payments. Both also give access to unlimited apps including the ever-growing library of all CRM+ERP apps and both come with the Bezlio Remote Data Broker (BRDB) - the only piece of software needed to use Bezlio across its many supported platforms. As their names make apparent, the main thing separating the corporate and individual accounts is the inclusion of 10 users in the corporate account. 

Individual user accounts are priced at $35 per month while the corporate account is $250/month. You can add additional users beyond the included ten to the corporate account based on a tiered pricing scale. (Charged monthly, $20 per user for accounts with between 11 and 99 users and $15 per user each month for accounts with over 100 users.)  If you're a large organization and need to have a lot more users than that, the Bezlio team is willing to work out special pricing!

Registration Process

For demonstration purposes, Kahley takes you through the course of creating a corporate account, noting that the process is similar to the individual user sign up, with the main difference being the need to specify how many users you would need. On the signup page, the user can enter some additional users into a text box - keeping in mind that we include your first ten users with the corporate account! Therefore, to sign up for 45 user accounts, the user needs to enter '35' in the box and then click the 'Update Totals' button. When you click this button, the right-side of the signup page will update to reflect the total cost. The 1-month trial is free, so the 'Today's Total' line will remain at $0.00, but the user will see the monthly cost for the number of users accounts chosen just below this, including the date on which the free trial expires. In the case of 45 users, this cost would be $950 per month.

The remainder of the process is straightforward - the user needs to enter their customer information, billing information and address and click the 'Place My Order' button - that's all it takes to get a Bezlio account (or accounts) set up.


Thanks for following along as we outlined the basic process for setting up an account.  Check out our video education page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see other videos that cover other features of the Bezlio platform.

Nothing Is As Good As Seeing It For Yourself!

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