Field Sales Order Entry

Do your delivery drivers, maintenance providers, mobile stockists, etc. carry inventory like machine parts, tools, or other items for sale? Bezlio’s Field Sales Order Entry bezl makes capturing those orders easy and efficient. Gone are the days of calling in a sale to the office or filling out forms just to risk losing them or misreporting the information later.

The Field Sales Order Entry bezl ties to your existing POS system and updates in real-time. Sales can also be processed offline and orders will be queued and synced when connected to service.

Users of the bezl can be notified of any pertinent information, such as low inventory warnings, out of stock lists, new items, etc. This helps them assist customers more effectively; inventories and past sales can be closely tracked, and up-selling opportunities are more probable.

See how an order is captured in a wizard-based process below:

The user selects New Order to capture an order.

The user selects or scans to choose the customer account. The closest customers are auto-detected using lat/long coordinates.

Once the customer is selected, the user selects Add Product to add items to the order.

Items can be scanned using the mobile device’s camera barcode scanner or selected from a list.

Once items are selected, they are added to Selected Products where quantities can be adjusted.

The customer then signs and approves the order.

Once the order is complete, a receipt can be printed. emailed, or both.