How Did Bezlio Get Its Name?

How did Bezlio get its name? A graphic of an arm and wristwatch with the bezel of the watch highlighted in orange.

About six months ago, a small group of us sat around a conference room table at SaberLogic's Wadsworth office.  We each shared the results of individual brainstorming sessions with the rest of the team.  We were each tasked with coming up with three names that we could use to brand our new product with the following requirements:

  1. Be unique 
  2. Related domain name was available
  3. Make a connection between the meaning of the name and the product itself.

We had fun.  Had we been in a different mood that day, you might all be getting ready to use a product called All Arcus, Gardyloo, or Digital Camber.  However, one by one, we crossed names off the list.  Some of them had existing products with similar names, while others had unavailable domains.  

Our product was going to provide a way to view data beautifully.  The panels on the screen would be sectioned off into defined areas with an exceptional view of data that could be unique to each user.  So we needed a name that represented the way you can set the scope of your data and display it in a crisp, easily understood way.

It needed to be simple for everyone.

Like a wrist watch.

The face of a traditional timepiece is simple and beautiful.  You consume the data at a glance.   The user interface is surrounded and bound by a subtle feature that defines the scope and area of that data.

A bezel.

So, we dropped a letter and added the .io domain name extension.  Voila!  

The rest will be history, starting on January 1st.