How Push Notifications Could Make Your Workforce More Efficient

We are constantly receiving reminders on our personal devices in the form of push notifications: 5 friends just liked the latest photo of your adorable new puppy, your favorite MLB team just scored a run, you have 3,000 more steps until you reach your daily goal, and so on and so on…

A push notification is a text or rich media message sent to a mobile device from third-party applications. These messages gently nudge us to stay connected with friends and family, alert us of important updates, and remind us to complete daily tasks.

What if instead of just being reminded of after-work dinner plans or a sale at your favorite store, you could be reminded of daily tasks at work? Better yet, what if you could send notifications to remote employees and teams to inform them of things like low inventory conditions, quality issues, or other problems that could cause production delays or customer service issues?

With Bezlio, all of this is possible.

Many organizations rely on phone calls, meetings, and emails to communicate important information, but all of these leave room for error and oftentimes, emails are missed, ignored, or wrongly labeled as SPAM.

Push notifications allow for direct communication. Bezlio can send a message directly to the user which then appears on their device’s lock screen or as a banner within whatever app is open on the device, so there is no need to open or refresh the app to receive the message. Users can instantly act on these alerts by reporting for a service call, notifying a customer of a delayed ship date, etc. The result is increased productivity and efficiency, which makes for happier customers and better business.

Do you have important business information you’d like to get to employees quickly?  Learn how Bezlio can make that happen >>