Launch Day

So, today is the day!  Today we officially launch Bezlio.

Nine months ago, Bezlio was just a twinkle in our eye.  The prototypical napkin.  The discussions at lunch that always start with, " know what we should do?"

The Bezlio Logo

Then we decided to do it.

We designed it and developed it.  Then we decided to tear it all apart and start over.   Twice.

There were times we had to wait for the technology to catch up with our vision.  We were developing our code using other software and libraries that were emerging from beta to production.  Bleeding edge.  

I've been fortunate to have my desk positioned right next to the workspaces of my business partners, who are leading the software development of Bezlio.  I've overheard all of their meetings, discussions, frustrations, and victories - all of the stages of the birth of something new and unlike anything that has come before.

Perhaps the best way to describe our excitement is this quote, from today's press release:

“I have never been so excited and proud of anything else we have ever done as a company. This product represents 14 years of understanding our customer’s needs and always thinking ‘there has to be a better way.' It has been incredible to watch our preview accounts start to see what is possible with the platform and become as excited as we are – I cannot wait to show it to the rest of the world now.”

While we have developed hundreds and hundreds of applications over the past 14 years, this is the one that has the greatest potential to shift paradigms.

Today we are very proud to present the future of SaberLogic, the future of the services we provide, and the future of all of our existing products.

Hello, world.  I. Am. Bezlio.