Mobile Quotation System for Sales Teams

Illustration of someone using a mobile phone to access their company's quote system. Bezlio allows you to easily access your ERP data on any device, from anywhere, securely!

One common denominator across virtually every sales platform is the necessity of entering and tracking quotes to customers. The new mobile quotation system app featured in this post explains an easy to use solution to the necessity of entering and tracking sales quotes using Bezlio and Microsoft Excel. This app is an excellent example of how Bezlio can be used with commonly installed desktop applications on a less grandiose scale than you'd find in a full-blown Enterprise Resource Planning platform.

The code for this mobile app can be found on the Bezlio GitHub, along with a sample spreadsheet and detailed installation instructions. But before you head over to GitHub to get your hands on this useful mobile app, let's explore just how it works and what it can do for you.

A Mobile Quotation System for Anyone!

The app provided is designed to work with Microsoft Excel, but in keeping with the cross-platform versatility of Bezlio, it can be modified to work with other data sources. Tied to Excel via an ODBC connection, the app uses the tabs in Excel instead of database tables to store pertinent data such as quotes, quote status, open quotes, salespeople, customers, and parts. As you can see, this would be translatable to a database with tables containing similar data.

Bezlio screen capture showing how you can have a mobile app for creating and viewing customer quotes from any mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, laptop or Android device, using the Bezlio platform.

How it Works

The Quote Entry mobile app allows the user to retrieve, edit and create new records that are then written into the Excel file on the appropriate tab. Similarly, changes made directly to the file from within the Excel application will be immediately available to the user via Bezlio.

The Interface

The user is presented with a clean and straightforward interface containing three expandable tabs and two buttons. The top tab is open on launch and displays the user's open quotes. The second tab will display the open quotes of other salespeople and the bottom tab opens up a search interface allowing the user to find a specific quote. The first of the two buttons is for entering new quotes and the second is to refresh the screen with updated data from Excel.

Creating a New Quote

The 'New Quote' button will allow the user to enter the data necessary to populate the tabs on the spreadsheet with information on a new quote. The specific data can be modified (as always with Bezlio applications, the bezl is designed to be highly customizable to fit various users' needs) but the app includes fields for the quote date, quote status, quote result, a customer field, a salesperson field (so the user can designate themselves or another user as the salesperson of record) and a comments field.

There is also a single line where the user may enter the particular part, quantity, and unit of measure and an 'Add Line' button allows for additional parts to be added to the quote record.

So...How Can You Get This Mobile App?

Bezlio is simply the best platform for any company who needs to quickly mobilize their workforce and data.  This mobile quote entry app is just a small example of the types of apps already available and also, what can be developed and deployed.  The ability to read from and write back to your private data sources without opening security risks opens up a world of mobile opportunities.  Bezlio can integrate with cloud data sources like Salesforce, with ease.  

What next? Click the button below to get started.  The first month is on us! ;)  Then, go over to our Bezlio app store to grab the code and instructions on getting your own mobile quote system running today!