Bezlio Release Notes: April 2019

April is synonymous with spring and all things new. So we are announcing an update to Bezlio that will be released today to all Bezlio customers.

New Features & Capabilities


Connectivity Status Indicator: We have added a new connectivity indicator in the top right corner of the app. This will indicate if you are currently online and connected to your Bezlio server or if you are offline and disconnected.

If you are offline and have offline mode enabled, any pending transactions will show up as a badge on the cloud icon. When you are reconnected, simply click the cloud icon and you will see a list of your pending transactions. Click the sync button to write these transactions back to your source systems in the order that they were created to ensure data integrity.


Create PDF Button: Next to the connectivity status indicator is a new PDF button. Clicking this button will create a PDF from the current screen, load it into the device window, and allow you to use the operating system sharing tools to distribute the PDF via email, message, or other applications.

New Desktop Experience: We are releasing a new Bezlio experience on the desktop. We have dedicated apps for Windows and MacOS along with a new browser version that provides a consistent user experience across all devices. Information on accessing these new versions is available here.

GUI Improvements: We have made some visual improvement and layout changes to the Bezl list screen and added new indicators to show when something is empty or still loading.

Updates to the Platform

Performance: We have updated many portions of the platform and this should result in a performance increase.

Notifications: We have made some improvements to the push notification system.

Offline Mode: We have made improvements to the offline mode to better handle offline data.

Bug Fixes: Numerous other bug fixes have been implemented.

Developer Updates

Dynamic Plugins: We are releasing a new version of BRDB that allows for dynamic plugins. This provides developers and admins the ability to write C# code right on the Bezlio BRDB server which can be executed by the client. This allows for the offloading of client-side processing in favor of server-side processing for intensive processes.

Multi-page Bezels: We have made improvements to make it easier to create multi-page Bezls.

Angular Upgrade: We have upgraded the platform to Angular Material version 7.

Specification Notes

Mobile OS Support: This new version of Bezlio is only supported in Apple iOS 11 and newer and Android KitKat and newer.

.NET Support: This new version of Bezlio BRDB requires .NET 4.6.1 and newer.