Bezlio Introduces Gallery, for Self-Service Analytics


Self-service dashboards and analytics are the future of business intelligence. Workers need meaningful data more than ever, and they can't wait for IT to provide it. They need real-time data to help them see business trends as they are happening. They need quality data at the proper scale to improve their decision-making. They need user-friendly interfaces to make it easy to interpret the data, and they need complete mobility to retrieve that data from anywhere.

We are excited to release a significant new component that makes Bezlio a major player in the self-service analytics market. Today we are announcing the release of Bezlio Gallery.


What Is Bezlio Gallery?

Bezlio Gallery is a carefully curated store of pre-developed dashboards, apps, and data visualizations that you can browse, select, and instantly install into your Bezlio account. Divided into categories based on job types, the Bezlio Gallery will provide you with a vast array of dashboards that fit those specific roles, along with descriptions, screenshots, and videos to help you understand how the visualization works. With a few clicks, you can install any available Bezl from the Gallery into your Bezlio account.


Dashboards For Everyone


We believe that everyone deserves to have relevant dashboards designed just for them. Every business role deserves to have access to data visualizations that provide meaningful real-time information.

Today, 18 different roles are available. Over the next few months, each one of those roles will have a wide variety of dashboards and visualizations ready for Bezlio customers to install, try, and use. The vast majority of the Bezls in the Gallery will be free to Bezlio users.


Simple Self-Service Installation

GIF that shows how quickly a Bezl can be added via Gallery.

Bezlio Gallery makes it incredibly easy to add new data visualizations to your Bezlio account. If you are logged in and viewing a Bezl in the Gallery, just click the "Install" button on the Gallery page. Select the name of the panel you want to add the Bezl to (or even add it to a brand new panel), and you are ready to go!


With Relevant Data

Screenshot that highlights the tags showing which data sources are natively supported

Not sure if a Bezl in the Gallery works natively with your company's data? The Bezlio Gallery will show you which ERP/CRM applications a particular dashboard will work with, without modification.

Keep in mind that almost any Bezl can be wired up to work with any ERP application. Please reach out to us with any questions or requests!


The Future

Over the coming months, the Gallery will become the centerpiece of Bezlio product development. We expect to grow the number of available Bezls exponentially so that everyone, in any role, can enjoy the benefits of self-service analytics!

Happy Bezl'ing!