Build Actionable Dashboards with Sparkboxes

Build Actionable Dashboards With Sparkboxes

The Bezlio Sparkbox BezlBuilder allows anyone to build actionable dashboards that allow you to go beyond simple data visualizations and drill down into the data.

A dashboard needs to help you understand the hidden trends inside large quantities of data. It needs to provide a visualization that lets you understand at a glance. It needs to tell you what is happening.

However, the big picture only tells one story. To be able to take action, you need to dig deeper to understand the reason behind the trend. What is the "why"?

Our newest Sparkbox Bezl Builder is simple and can be extended to provide compelling information. It gives you a simple, at-a-glance visualization to understand the real-time metric and the current trend. However, when you add Bezlio's ability to drill-down to understand the underlying data, then you can answer the "why"? You have a truly actionable dashboard! How?

Bezlio allows you to link the Sparkbox Bezl up to another data grid Bezl where you can drill-down into the underlying data. Review the line items to see what things are affecting the data the most. Our drill-down capabilities allow you to make quick decisions and organizational changes to keep improving your processes and head off potential issues before they reach unacceptable levels.

Check out our knowledgebase article on linking two Bezls together.


How Can It Be Used?

Let’s check out an example. Imagine that you are the sales manager for a large team and you need a simple way to track overall sales during the month and compare it against the previous month-to-date. This Bezl builder will allow you to summarize all of the sales data, in real-time, from your ERP or sales management system.

However, if you want to dig further, you can leverage the power of Bezlio to drill down into that data to see how the individual members of your sales team are doing this month, again, compared to previous MTD. 

Need even more data? Drill down yet again and see sales data grouped by category, product, territory, city—whatever way is important to you.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of this new Bezl Builder, please reach out to us!

For Developers

Check out one of our latest developer videos to see how to set-up a very basic Bezl using the Sparkbox Bezl Builder!