Team Lead Productivity Management

Production floors are busy—various shifts are worked throughout the day and during those shifts, many tasks are being completed. In order to keep things running smoothly and ensure production goals are met, our customers seek organization and simplicity.

The Bezlio Production Team Leader bezl allows supervisors to manage workers’ time and productivity on a mobile device from the shop floor instead of having each employee log onto a computer.  Each supervisor has access to a list of their employees and can clock-in, clock-out, start/stop production activities, and start/stop indirect activities. They can click to toggle select an entire list or select individuals.  

At the end of a shift or at the completion of a job, the end activity screen allows for the input of team progress as a whole, productivity of each employee, completed quantities, and scrap. All of this data can then be written back the ERP system.

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Compiling this data on a daily basis provides companies with powerful information. Not only can inventory and job progress be tracked, but individual workers’ and teams’ productivity can be monitored. Designating reporting to a team lead, instead of relying on each employee to log onto a computer before and after a shift, provides a company more accurate, useable data. With quality data, companies can make smarter decisions and increase output and overall efficiency.