A Real-time Office TV Dashboard For Your Team in 3 Steps

A Real-time Office TV Dashboard For Your Team in 3 Steps

An illustrated graphic of a TV screen with charts and other details that depicts Bezlio's ability to create a TV dashboard for teams in just 3 easy steps.

Teams can be difficult to manage and inspire while heading towards the common goal. A tool that has become very popular over the past few years is the office team dashboard that is displayed on a TV in a common area. They display important metrics and analytics in real-time that are critical to your team's goals and morale.

Bezlio gives you the ability to create and set-up your office dashboard very quickly, without the need for any additional software.

How To Get Started

Step 1 - Select a Panel - Open the panel you would like to display. Your panel can have as many Bezls as you want on it, all showing different data, metrics, and KPIs. Keep in mind that you won't be able to scroll up/down or left/right on the TV so make sure they are all visible.

Step 2 - Generate a URL - Next, we need a way to share this panel with the TV. You can accomplish this by creating what we call a ‘Share link'. This type of URL automatically logs you into Bezlio, displays the panel and hides all of the unnecessary window decoration, giving you a clean arrangement of your dashboards and KPIs.

A GIF that shows how easy it is to create a URL that will share a panel in Bezlio on a TV screen. It makes it easy to create an office team dashboard from any Bezlio panel!

Step 3 - Display the Dashboard on Your TV - The final step is to get the panel onto your TV. We suggest displaying Bezlio on your team's TV screen using a small wireless device with a built-in web browser, such as an Amazon Fire Stick or a Rasberry Pi. Plug the device into your TV, connect to your Wi-Fi, open the web browser, then navigate to the "Share link" URL that you generated in the previous step. The browser will log in and display your Bezlio panel!

You can Chromecast based dashboard by broadcasting the dashboard from another system running Bezlio.

The result is impressive... real-time dashboards that give your entire team updates on critical data that will enable them to make fast decisions!