What's New for Week of April 17, 2017

Today we start a new series of blog posts that share what new features, changes and bug fixes were applied to Bezlio recently and sometimes we’ll even share some upcoming features and plans.  So, let’s get started!


Technical Changes

Let’s start with a few technical changes that have a large impact in the way Bezlio works.  

App Code

We are changing the way that Bezlio installs apps on your account.  Previously, when you would install a pre-built app, your account would grab a snapshot of the app code and libraries and save it for you.  Now, your app is linked dynamically to the main code and libraries, which means that when updates and fixes are applied, you receive the benefits of those changes automatically rather than manually updating your app.  The only thing that doesn’t change is the UI customizations.  We recognize that those are often user-specific and we don’t want to overwrite any changes you have made.

Data Size Limitations

We’ve also increased the size of the data that Bezlio can transfer.  In the past, we were up against a limitation of the infrastructure that meant we could only deliver data payloads that were up to 126KB in size.  Now, we can transfer multiple payloads and reassemble them in the cloud, which means we can now deliver datasets of any size!


Bezl Templates

Bezl templates provide a efficient way to create a new Bezl and we've made more improvements a lot more improvements.

Chart Properties

Over the past couple of weeks, we have added a lot of new chart types.  This week we are adding a huge list of properties that you can associate with every graph.  This new feature means that you can completely customize the look and feel of anything for a chart and graph.  As you change the properties, you see a preview of the results right on the chart, so you know immediately how your changes affect the display.  

Advanced Customizations to Templates

When building a chart with a template, we now have an advanced tab to allow you to do some very crazy,  advanced coding with a chart.  We have added a documentation button to let you know some of the extra things you can do to customize your charts and graphs.


User Interface

We’ve made a change to the height of the charts that are displayed inside of a Bezl. In the past, the height of the chart and the height of the Bezl were not associated with each other. Now, the height of a chart is dynamically based on the height of the Bezl it is displayed inside of!


Bug Fixes

Previously, the charts were blacked out on the iPhone and other mobile devices. We’ve updated that so you will now be able to see those charts!


Coming Soon!

We have a new slideshow Bezl template nearly ready to publish that allows you to display scrolling content from any data source.  This is great for sharing general information and announcements with your team.

We also have some more streamlining of the "Bezl creation process" coming soon that will make it even easier to select all of the options required to get your data up and running fast!


If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to us!  We love talking about how we can make Bezlio better, especially for you!