What's New for Week of July 17, 2017

What's New This Week in Bezlio?


What's new in Bezlio this week? This week is all about the details and the polish. We’ve improved the custom designer, connected the Apps area dynamically to GitHub, and made the permalinks a bit more friendly.  Let's dig in!

Illustration of hands using a tablet. This is the cover image for the Bezlio "What's New?" post for July 17, 2017.

Illustration of gears that symbolize Bezlio's technical features.

Custom Designer Improvements

We have added over 150 new snippets to the Custom Designer to give developers more tools to create Bezls faster. Let us know what bezls you are able to create with these new 'drag-and-drop' snippets once you get the chance to play around!

Apps are Now Linked to GitHub 

If you love getting the latest and greatest versions of Bezlio Apps, then this week’s update is for you. We have dynamically linked the Apps in Bezlio to update automatically from GitHub. That means there are already new apps in there right now! Plus, you can check back in the Apps section and know that you are seeing the newest functionality available.

Secure & Friendly Permalinks

You can use Bezlio permalinks to automatically login and display a Bezlio panel on a TV or kiosk. Today we are making those URLs more user-friendly by shortening them through bit.ly. Also, we are giving administrators the ability to revoke permalinks in cases where they would need to be disabled.

Odds & Ends

We have a few other updates that we would like to share:

  • We have added friendlier navigation to the billing portal when your trial has expired. That way you can keep the fun going!

  • We have updated the color scheme when mass managing Bezls so that the delete button is red. A little help to save us from ourselves never hurt!

  • We have added additional client side encryption and compression. High fives for keeping data compact and secure!


Illustration of three wrenches which symbolize the Bug Fixes section of the newsletter.

We made liberal use of the bug spray this week. Here are the worst we killed:

  • Added escape of special characters used in column titles for the simple grid.

  • Resolved issue with SharePoint Online connections attempting to be routed to BRDB as opposed to direct to SharePoint Online.

  • Prohibited the share of a Bezl when a user is not the owner of that Bezl (preventing shares being forwarded without the original owner's knowledge).

  • Resolved "Data Subscription is not in your available list" message when creating a new panel.

  • Upgraded version of angular2-grid to attempt to resolve random errors thrown by that library.

  • When a user is deleted, all historical data was not being removed.

  • Fixed bug with Advanced Grid where an error would be thrown when only one row of data was present and a grouping was used. Note this bug fix only applies to newly created advanced grids or those re-edited in the template.

  • Fixed various bugs in organization maintenance.


Illustration of lab equipment that represents the list of features that are being developed in the Bezlio labs.

Here's a quick list of things we are working on in the Bezlio lab::

  • Automatic query prompting for Bezls

  • Scheduled Bezls

  • Hot key navigation

  • SSRS Plugin

  • Advanced Grid Enhancements – Filtering, Export To Excel, Conditional Formatting


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ERP-specific Channels

If you are an Epicor ERP, VISUAL ERP, or Epicor P21 user, we have dedicated Slack channels set-up specifically for you. Login and subscribe to these ERP-specific channels. If you would like to see one for your specific ERP, drop us a line at [email protected]

New Bezls

We posted discussions around some new Bezls available for doing Packlist Verifications, Same Day Shipments KPI, On-Time Shipments KPI, and Today's Booking Comparison. Jump in and take a look to see if these Bezls provide better insights into your operations!


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Check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we are continually posting new how-to videos, tutorials, past webinars and more!