What's New for Week of June 26, 2017

What's New This Week in Bezlio?

What's new in Bezlio this week? This week we published two new projects that we have been building in our "Lab" for months. Read about these two new features, a few bug fixes, and more about our Slack community!


Advanced Grid Template

The initial version of our 'Advanced Grid' is now available in the templates list. The "Advanced Grid" template is easily the most powerful template we have ever built and will allow you to work with data grids and groupings using simple drag and drop techniques. No programming knowledge needed! We will cover this in detail in an upcoming video and blog post.

SignalR Implementation

This architectural change has been in testing for several weeks and was released earlier this week to all users. The SignalR method of data transfer provides a massive speed boost. You should see up to 10 times faster data communication between your browser and the source data. No need for you to do anything to use it!


We have added a few administrative improvements, including giving organizational admins the ability to change user passwords. We've also enhanced the "clone user" process to clone shared Bezls for any newly created user.

This week we took care of a few bugs. Here are a few of the interesting ones:

  • The "Welcome to Bezlio" starter Bezl was not appearing or appearing multiple times for some users.

  • We developed a fix for the Edge browser where bound combo boxes would auto-select the first value without updating the selected value in the model.

  • We also resolved an issue where a failed deletion of a user in organization maintenance could leave lingering data which could prevent the recreation of that same user.

  • We enhanced the logic of the function editor in the custom designer to detect when no changes have been made to allow you to navigate to other functions without warning.

The Mainspring Bezlio Developer Conference, held earlier this month in Cleveland, Ohio, was a huge success! If you weren't able to make it to our event, you can now see many of the sessions on-demand on our YouTube channel.

Advanced Grid Designer

There has been some initial discussion of the brand new Advanced Data Grid functionality. In fact, one of our users said, "Got my hands on this today. Very nice tool! Lots of thought behind it, with the capability of multiple groupings and data summary functions."

Excel Plugin Hits BRDB

Several weeks ago we announced the new native Excel plugin. Adam Ellis explains why even though Bezlio always could talk with Excel, this new plugin is much more powerful. Check it out!

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