What's New for Week of May 1, 2017

Illustration of someone holding a tablet with lots of icons flowing into the Bezlio app running on the tablet.

We have a flurry of updates and changes to present this week!


Self-Updating Bezls

We have improved Bezls so that they are self-updating when using variables, JavaScript or HTML. Self-updating Bezls is a significant feature for developers who want to expand the capabilities of custom apps!

External Users

We have formally added the concept of an "external user" to Bezlio.  We consider internal users to be people within your organization, whether they are mobile or not, if they work for you then they are an internal user. External users would be customers, suppliers, vendors or anyone who you need to provide data to but are not a part of your company.  Supplier or customer portals are great examples of using external users in Bezlio.

Panel Quick Views

A new feature, called "panel quick views," allows you to build a Bezlio panel and then send a URL to another device that does nothing but just displays that panel.  Panel quick view was created specifically for users who want to see a dashboard on a TV screen. 

Improved Bezl Export Formatting

We also improved the format of Bezl exported text so that it is more readable and easier to merge changes together!

User Interface

Mobile Interface Improvements

We made some minor improvements to the interface and functionality of the mobile interface. We will be creating a separate blog post soon on our new streamlined mobile interface.

Bug Fixes

Custom Editor Rename

We squashed a bug where renaming a function while editing in the customer builder was causing issues. 

Automatic Refreshes

We fixed a bug that occurred when setting the automatic refresh intervals using the graphical interface.

Fusion Charts

We fixed a few things with charts this past week.  There were issues with chart heights not getting set correctly.  Also, we fixed issues where charts weren't always changing and required a full page refresh to update.  

Finally, we updated the trigger to display the mobile interface.  The mobile interface used to display on any resolution less than 1024x768, but it has been updated to show on small screens only.

Coming Soon

Advanced Grid

One of the most popular Bezl templates for displaying data has been the simple grid.  We now have an advanced grid on our development radar which will provide a lot more functionality to developers.

SMTP Email Plugin

Finally, we will also be developing a Bezlio plugin for generating an email.

TL;DR Summary

We updated Bezls so that they can self-update, are easy to display on an office TV, and can export code in a friendlier format.  We also formally added the idea of an external user type and made some improvements to the mobile user interface.