What's New for September 2017

What's New This Month in Bezlio?


What's new in Bezlio this month?

We've improved a lot of different areas; including snippets in the custom designer, adding some additional map charts, foundations for barcode support, and some welcome enhancements for Bezls using our new advanced grid designer!

Let's dig in!

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New Snippets

We have added new snippets to the custom designer.

BRDB Improvements

In preparation for new apps and dashboards being released, we added Excel data files to the BRDB installer. There is now improved handling inside of your portal if your BRDB server goes offline.

Barcode Support

We installed the Quagga library to enable bar code read support from within Bezls. In the near future, we will be creating some new apps to illustrate how to do this.

Advanced Grid Column Headers 

We improved the advanced grid to always show the column headers. Yay for scrolling!

Export Excel from Advanced Grid

We included the ability to export the results of a Bezl based on the advanced grid into Excel.

Odds & Ends

A few other updates we would like to share:

  • Bezl parameters are now consolidated into a single prompt dialog

  • Added a print option for Bezls that can be found under the "Share" menu

  • Added prompting support to all data subscriptions

  • Added missing FusionCharts maps to installation

  • We now note the template type on edit buttons in 'My Bezls'


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Here are a few of the pesky bugs that we took care of in this new release:

  • Resolved sorting issue with the advanced grid.

  • Advanced grid drill downs were not going to the final level of depth.

  • Safeguards added to prevent deletion of organization administrators.

  • User profile image bug fix.

  • Resolved an issue with the advanced grid related to child level sorting. Previously this was thought to be due to null values but it was discovered to be something else and was resolved in this release. See -Slack if you need to retrofit any previously published advanced grids with this fix.

  • Hid the 'Group By' box in the advanced grid designer until fields are present in the details section to avoid confusion.

  • Set Advanced Grid to correctly auto-collapse children when a parent is collapsed.

  • Resolved issue with 'remember me' checkbox not correctly operating if the site has not been used within 8 hours.

  • Resolved bug where bezl.env.today was not working when used within a template designer.

  • Resolved issue where the 'shared with' list would disappear after editing a Bezl.

  • Resolved issue where changes to a view were not being saved.

  • Buttoned up UI issue when using the 'Environment' drop-down within templates.


Illustration of lab equipment that represents the list of features that are being developed in the Bezlio labs.

Here's a quick list of things we are working on in the Bezlio lab:

  • Automatic query prompting for Bezls

  • Scheduled Bezls

  • Hot key navigation

  • SSRS Plugin


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