Crystal Reports on Any Mobile Device from Anywhere!

Bezlio is a SaaS solution that connects your mobile users to your existing Crystal Reports securely stored within your corporate network. Your mobile users can use Bezlio as a Crystal Reports web viewer, logging in to view a list of their available Crystal Reports, select the report they want to run, enter any parameters and receive the results in a PDF on their screen.

Crystal Reports can now be run from the browser of any non-Windows device, including a Mac, iOS or Android device.

Bezlio can also be an incredibly fast way to deploy Crystal Reports within your organization without having to install a viewer or other applications on each workstation.

Illustration of Bezlio running Crystal Reports from a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad, which shows off Bezlio's ability to let users execute the Crystal Reports web viewer from any mobile device.

Crystal Reports Web Viewer

Your users can easily navigate to their Crystal Reports panel and see a list of reports that administrators have provided. Right from within the web browser, you have the ability to execute and view the resulting report.

An illustration of various web browser icons around Bezlio logo, explaining that Bezlio acts as a Crystal Reports web viewer and can display reports from any browser.

Crystal Reports on Any Mobile Device

Execute Crystal Reports from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any mobile device by using a standard web browser.

Click to get reports on your phone in seconds!

An illustration of Bezlio cloud, surrounded by various mobile devices which illustrates Bezlio acting as a Crystal Reports mobile solution.

COMING SOON - Native Apps for Report Delivery on Mobile Devices

Bezlio has native apps for both the Apple App Store and Google Play store, allowing uses to have a streamlined interface for running their Crystal Reports and other Bezlio apps, KPI's and integrations.

Logos from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Powerful Reporting Parameters

Bezlio allows you to take advantage of report parameters to give your reports the most power, providing users with the flexibility to get the data that is most import to them!

Quickly Deploy Reports

Drop your RPT file into the specified folder within your network, and it is immediately available for all of your internal and remote users to access through their browser or Bezlio app.

An illustration of how administrators can drop Crystal Reports RPT files into a folder behind the company firewall and the end user can view the Crystal Reports in a web browser on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Amazing Platform Extensibility

Crystal Reports is just one way that Bezlio connects your internal data sources to the mobile world. Build apps, combine ERP and CRM data, display KPI’s and dashboards all on the same platform.

Isometric view of Bezlio screenshots.

Incredibly Fast Installation

Wait…what? Yeah! Install the BRDB (Bezlio Remote Data Broker) application within your network, behind your firewall and then tell the application which folder contains the shared Crystal Reports. Link users to your corporate account, assign rights and that's it!

Illustration of a stopwatch which represents Bezlio's ability to be set-up very rapidly as a Crystal Reports web viewer and deployment mechanism.

Granular User Permissions

Bezlio has very granular and adaptable user security that allows you to specify the users who can view/edit specific reports, even down to the row level!

Illustration of users and which represents administrators ability to add security for specific users.

No Maintenance. 
Minimal Set-up. 
Incredible Security.

Unlike other solutions that allow you to share Crystal Reports on the web, Bezlio’s unique SaaS set-up means there are no web servers to maintain, no internal software to support, and no security holes in your corporate firewall.

Illustration of three icons which represent Bezlio's ability to install quickly, require no maintenance as a Crystal Reports SaaS product, and high security levels.

Watch a 4-Minute Demo

Image of a number 1 to indicate the number of minutes required to set-up an account.
An image of the number 15, which represents the number of minutes to set-up and implement Bezlio.
An illustration of the number 30, which represents the number of free days new Bezlio users can have to try out bezlio as a mobile Crystal Reports solution in their enterprise

How Can You Get Started?

You have 1 minute, right?  

Create your Bezlio account today, and within 15 minutes, you will be running your Crystal Reports on any device, from anywhere!

 Then, take the next 30 days to try out Bezlio for Crystal Reports for FREE to see if it is right for you!