Workforce Mobility

Bezlio provides true workforce mobility through custom mobile dashboards and real-time data analytics that are accessible from anywhere, on any device!

Combine your local manufacturing ERP data and any cloud-based data into mobile-friendly dashboards and applications that can both read from, and write back to, your on-premises data sources.

Let’s Talk About Mobilizing Your Workforce



Mobile ERP & CRM Solutions

Real-Time ERP & CRM Data on Any Device

Providing all members of your team with mobile accessibility to your ERP or CRM data isn't just helpful, it is a requirement to make everyone as productive as possible.  

Bezlio's dashboard and mobile app platform provides real-time access to your manufacturing or distribution ERP data on any device from anywhere: smartphone, tablet, or laptop - all without a VPN! 

 Mock-up of Bezlio portal on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone screen. Bezlio provides a mobile solution for viewing ERP and CRM data in real-time, utilizing applications that read and write back.


Real-Time Data Analytics

A 360° View of Your Entire Business

Every department in your business should benefit from having dashboards that provide real-time actionable insight. Learn how everyone from C-level to the production workers can benefit from Bezlio dashboards, data visualizations, and apps.

 Illustration of how Bezlio's real-time data analytics provide unique insight for all roles in a company.


Bezlio Gallery

Community-Inspired Apps and Dashboards

Our Gallery is a carefully curated archive of pre-developed dashboards, apps and data visualizations that you can browse, select, and instantly install.

The content of the Bezlio Gallery is driven and shaped by you -- the entire Bezlio community. We invite you to vote on Bezls you would like to see released and we welcome you to submit your own Bezls too!

 Icon with three isometric blocks which represents the Bezlio Gallery of on-demand dashboards, self-service analytics, and visualizations that are available to Bezlio customers.


Custom Mobile Dashboard Software

Infinite Capabilities & Possibilities

The front-end of all dashboards are built using standard HTML. That means there are endless ways to customize, present, and visualize your data.

With the ability to read from and write back to multiple data sources, all in real-time, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

 Illustration of a desktop computer with various programming windows open, displaying Bezlio's unique ability to provide custom mobile dashboard software utilizing HTML standards.


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