Bezlio Education

Ready to learn more about how to use Bezlio, the apps available, and how to create your own?  You've landed in the right spot.  Pull up a chair and enjoy!


Bezlio Basics - Getting Started

Set-up a New User Account

This video will walk you though the steps required to set-up your user account. Learn about our pricing models and information required during set-up.


Learn the Bezlio Interface

This video explores the Bezlio Portal interface and all of the tools available to you to manage your account and customize your experience.


Bezlio Integrations

Crystal Reports

This video covers how Bezlio connects your mobile users to your existing Crystal Reports securely stored within your corporate network.


Developers Series

Developing Apps for Infor VISUAL ERP 8

This video covers how programmers can utilize Bezlio and integration with Infor VISUAL 8 ERP to create web applications & dashboards that can be displayed on any device.


Bezlio Apps

Sales Reps: Map View

In this video, we cover the features of our Sales Map App and how Bezlio can be leveraged to mashup data between a CRM system and Google Maps.