JIS, Division Of Jergens, Inc.

  • Category : Mobile ERP Apps
  • Complete Date : September 17, 2018


JIS, Division of Jergens, Inc. is Ohio’s largest distributor of industrial products, representing over 300 of the top manufacturers in the United States. JIS offers a full line of cutting tools, carbide and other tool inserts, coolants, abrasives, drills, machine tool accessories, hand tools, MRO and other industrial supplies.


To keep their sales team up to date, JIS utilized Epicor Prophet 21 to view daily quotes and order activities. With this view-only format, the sales team struggled with processing the data and establishing a plan to grow sales in the future. Additionally, the sales team relied on phone and email communication to keep track of and update customer information while away from their computers.

To better utilize their existing data, JIS turned to Bezlio. Bezlio provides users of P21 with a customizable low-code/no-code mobile interface using bezls that allow users to have dashboards, mobile CRM, ERP mobile apps, and data visualizations.

JIS uses Bezlio for a variety of uses. They currently have 45-50 users and four different user types. Top Management can see all data in Bezlio, including all sales information with the ability to view individual sales representative performance data. Sales Managers have access to this information for their specific teams. Sales Representatives can access their individual information—their customers, goals, etc. Additionally, Delivery Drivers have their own unique set of bezls that allow them to share data, like delivery and maintenance schedules, with customers and other tools, making their jobs on the road more efficient.

Delivery Bezl

Delivery Bezl

One of the biggest challenges the JIS sales team faced was following up on quotes for potential customers. Using Bezlio, the team established a system of reporting to track initial contact, follow-up, and results and they are now able to update this information at any time from their mobile devices. After analyzing this inputted data, they found they were closing 68% of quotes within three days of initial contact. With this information accessible all the time, the sales team now has a better understanding of their customers’ buying behavior and can better strategize their sales goals.

The JIS sales team also uses Bezlio to track customer contact information, sales target vs. actual sales, sales prior year vs. current year, customer opportunities, inventory requests, and more.

Sales Bezl

Sales Bezl

With Bezlio’s ability to collect data via two-way integration, users create forms and generate other useful data. This data allows for increased speed and accuracy, as users in the office put plans into motion, rather than waiting for the remote sales representatives to call or email with updates.

As Ohio’s largest distributor of industrial products, JIS has been able to centralize their data and increase productivity with Bezlio. Users can better function on the road and collaborate more efficiently with in-office users.