Put the Power of Epicor in Your Field Team’s Hands

Bezlio is a mobile field service platform that connects your field workers with enterprise data in Epicor. Field workers need this data to better serve customers, and Bezlio helps them get it right where they are, right when they need it.  

With Bezlio, your Epicor field service app can be set up in a fraction of the time it would take to build a custom Epicor mobile solution. And because it’s platform-agnostic, you can use (and maintain) a single app for virtually any device while allowing field workers to use their own devices instead of a costly enterprise mobility solution.


"The platform has allowed us to deploy information in a way that even non-technical users have adopted."

Jon Kantola, Project Manager, RobbJack



Field-Focused Features

An icon of multiple arrows which represents Bezlio’s ability to bring together multiple data sources into one application to increase efficiency and enhance field service results.

Epicor in Hand

Bezlio brings the data you’ve built in Epicor to the field where it can be put to work.

Icons that represent building blocks that define Bezlio’s market in no-code or low-code mobile app development.

Low/No Code

Customize an Epicor mobile app easier than ever with simple drag-and-drop features.

Icon of a pencil on paper that represents Bezlio's ability to both read and write back to on-premise or cloud data sources from any mobile device.

Read + Write

Field workers can read+write Epicor data wherever and whenever they need to.

Icon of a stop watch that represents Bezlio’s ability to read and write data in real-time with any on-premise or cloud data source. This is a critical feature when working remotely to ensure that you have the latest data.

Security at Its Finest

Bezlio protects Epicor data by routing (not storing) it to authorized users only.

Icon of a cell reception indicator that has been struck through, representing Bezlio’s ability to work offline without a cell reception or internet connection which can be critical for field workers.

Full Offline Mode

Field teams can continue using the Epicor mobile app even outside of coverage.

A pen nib icon which represents the ability to create seamless, single screen apps that are easy for field workers to access and use, developed on the Bezlio no-code development platform.

Data Visualizations

Set up extensive Epicor data visualizations that show accurate data in real time.

An icon of location services or GPS enabled on a device, which represents Bezlio’s ability to let you use the native hardware on your mobile device inside of your apps, such as GPS, camera or haptic feedback.


Dispatchers can see where field workers are and coordinate jobs efficiently.

A notification chat bubble icon which represents Bezlio’s ability to utilize native push notifications on mobile devices that can alert field service workers of important information, exceptions, or events on their mobile device.

Platform Agnostic

Bezlio enables easy Epicor mobile deployment for both iOS and Android.

Icon of a mobile phone which represent's Bezlio’s strength as a BYOD friendly platform due to the fact that Bezlio does not store data locally or in the cloud.

Your App, Their Device

Bezlio is a BYOD solution, helping users avoid high enterprise mobility costs.



Implement an Epicor Mobile Field Service Solution with Bezlio

Put your Epicor data where it’s needed most — in the field, helping your employees and customers succeed. In most cases, you can be up and running in just a single day. Ready to see it in action?


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