Pre-Built Solutions for Epicor Mobile

Bringing the Power of ERP to Your Shop Floor

Bezlio for Epicor Mobile is built specifically to support the unique functionality and process flows of Epicor ERP. As a result, Bezlio brings new levels of productivity to your manufacturing shop floor via real-time access to enterprise data.

Our pre-built solutions drop into your existing Epicor ERP system to arm your shop floor workers with data, capability, and modern tech efficiency.

Labor Entry

Accurate Job Costing With Painless Data Capture

Employees can easily clock-in, clock-out, and record project time. Bezlio offers intuitive labor tracking for time clock or time card style labor collection, resulting in accurate tracking that saves you thousands. There’s no need to go back and forth to a kiosk with Bezlio on your phone.

Location Transfer

Real-Time Inventory & Location Data Access

Revolutionize the way material is transferred between inventory locations from a mobile device. Simply scan barcodes and let Bezlio accurately record the location transfer in real time. Your shop floor employees can now move materials to and from warehouses and other locations with ease.

Purchase Order Receipts

Automated Shipping & Receiving Procedures

Streamline shipping and receiving options with real-time purchase order receipts. The fully barcode driven interface allows your shop floor workers to receive and record orders with a single scan. No more wasted time spent writing and hand-entering item codes.

Issue Material

Efficiency Gained From Connected Shop Floor Operations

Seamlessly issue material to work orders from your mobile device. All materials will be recorded, so the changes will be automatically reflected in Parts Tracking and more. A barcode scan can issue material to work orders, automatically update inventory, and show where available inventory is stored.

Part Inquiry

Streamlines Access to Every Corner of Your Inventory

See pricing info, physical attributes, and availability from a phone, tablet, or computer. Know exactly when to order new parts and how much inventory space is open. Sales people will find this a particularly useful companion to a mobile CRM solution, allowing them to look up available inventory stored in the ERP system quickly and easily while on the road.

Finished Goods Receipt

Record Transactions As Shop Floor Actions Happen

Users can record the number of units they’ve completed, then transfer the finished product to inventory. Shop floor workers and material handlers can use barcode scanners to instantly record, upload, and share finished goods data.

Project Labor Timesheet

Accurate Tracking Leading to Higher Margins

Employees can clock-in, clock-out, and record project time throughout the day from any mobile device. This real-time data can help managers evaluate project costs, labor allocation, and more. And this drop-in solution extends beyond the shop floor to anyone working in the field.

Cycle Count

Real-Time, Opportunistic Counts That Eliminate Errors & Inefficiency

Inventory auditing normally comes with a suite of inefficiencies—wasting time on duplicate data entry, inaccurate data due to human error, etc.. With our intuitive mobile cycle count function, inventory is updated in real-time, scanning eliminates the need for human entry, and efficiency becomes a byproduct. This reduces variances in physical inventory while making the process faster, easier, and far more accurate.

Customer Tracker

Instant Access to Customer Profiles

Made for viewing key customer information right from your smartphone, our Customer Tracker is the perfect companion to the Epicor Mobile CRM bezl. This drop-in solution allows your sales reps to customize a pitch to each customer, resulting in more sales.

Mobile CRM

Optimizing Customer Relationships

Great for sales teams on-the-go, our Mobile CRM bezl allows users to immediately view and update client information directly from their phone. They can maintain contact info, notes, follow-up dates, active quotes, ship-to information, and more.

Bezlio’s barcode driven interface with audio and haptic feedback helps users process efficiently, even when you’re not looking at the screen. It’s optimized for barcodes using embedded devices, such as Zebra, paired bluetooth scanners, or the camera interface.

Barcode recolor
Bluetooth recolor
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These Pre-Built Mobile Solutions Deliver an Arsenal of Features

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Customize Bezlio to Create the Ideal Epicor ERP Mobile App

If you don’t find something you’re looking for in our pre-built mobile solutions, don’t worry! We offer two easy ways to get everything you need. Simply get in touch to get started.

Create Your Own

Our intuitive platform allows you to easily build custom functions.

In-House Experts

Work with Bezlio experts to craft custom functions that suit your business.