Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about user accounts, integrations, technical specs and all things Bezlio


The Basics

+ Is Bezlio 100% developed by SaberLogic?

Bezlio was 100% hand crafted and built by SaberLogic, located in Ohio, USA!

+ Does Bezlio act like a dashboard?

Yes, it absolutely can! Bezlio can be different things to different people and will have multiple use cases. For example, it can pull together key KPI’s, charts, etc., but it’s a lot more than that because it can write back to your database/ERP.


How Does Bezlio Work?

+ Does Bezlio cache data?

No. When you refresh the data in a Bezl, it sends a secure message through the Bezlio API to BRDB (Bezlio Remote Data Broker) located in your network, behind your firewall. BRDB will communicate with your data source, receive the information, and then send that information back directly to you. Nothing is ever stored, cached or synchronized to the cloud.

+ Can we refresh the data in Bezlio on a particular schedule?

Yes. Automatic refreshing is built right into Bezlio so that the data automatically updates based on the schedule you specify.

+ Does Bezlio allow for multi-pass?

Yes, data is multi-pass and based on the results, can be resubmitted for additional data and filter.


Integrations and Data Sources

+ Can Bezlio read data directly from our internal CRM and ERP servers and databases?

Yes! That is the core strength of Bezlio. Bezlio can allow you to connect to your internal ERP, CRM and other data sources without opening any security holes in your firewall and without copying + syncronizing data to the cloud.

+ Can Bezlio write to tables that are on different databases, but on the same server?

Yes! Again, this goes to the advantage of using Bezlio over any other connection method. Bezlio can read and write back to your data sources, including data sources on different servers and platforms!

+ What available Bezlio Data Integrations do you currently have?

We have existing integrations built to allow Bezlio to work with most databases. That means that Bezlio will work with almost any CRM software, ERP application, or other business systems. Also, we have specialized plugins for systems like and Epicor ERP that work directly with their APIs, making it easier to integrate with them. Contact our technical support team today with any questions.

+ Can you integrate Bezlio with other web services?

Oh yes! Bezlio is built on a cloud technology that makes it easy to integrate with any kind of web service. Additionally, with Bezlio Remote Data Broker you can easily integrate to internal systems that would typically not be accessible through a cloud technology. This also means that you can "mash-up" data from multiple cloud services and local services into a single powerful Bezl.

+ Can Bezlio connect to and use API's?

Absolutely! We can integrate with RESTfl, SOAP, and traditional DLL APIs.

+ Will Bezlio extract data from multiple resources?

Yeah, Bezlio can extract data from any number of resources and "mash-up" those data elements into a single interface. This even works for a combination of SaaS cloud applications and local data sources.

+ Would all of our company’s services have to run on Bezlio?

No, you would only activate the services you would like Bezlio to connect to. Security is of primary concern, so administrators have very fine-grained control over what data can be accessed and shared.


User Accounts

+ What’s the definition of a user?

A user is a unique individual. A single user can utilize their account on multiple devices. For example, a single user can run Bezlio on their desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.

+ What happens if we have a shared terminal using Bezlio?

You would need to purchase an individual license for the number of people that would be interacting with Bezlio. Every single user would have their own Bezlio account login.

+ Does Bezlio take up a user license of your ERP or CRM?

Great question! This answer can get really complex. Technically it does utilize a user license, but it doesn’t have to. If you want some clarification, please contact us and we can go into more specifics!

+ Who would have administrative rights? Would we have to come to Saberlogic for changes?

There would be no need to come to SaberLogic to maintain user accounts and permissions. The system administrator's user account has full administrative rights.

+ OK, so how are users managed?

The ability to manage users is built into the management console. All users are managed and controlled in a central location which allows you to set permissions for each user.

+ Are there different plans for view-only users vs. developer users?

Not at this time, but we are actively working with our clients to ensure they’re getting the best support and options available.


Technical Details

+ How much space does BRDB (Bezlio Remote Data Broker) take up?

An extremely minimal amount. On a system running 25 people, it takes up about 1GB.

+ Does BRDB need to be run on a server?

Not at all! Bezlio does not need to be on a server system, it can be installed on a workstation!

+ Do you need a Microsoft Azure account as well?



All About The Bezls

+ Can we build Bezlio-based Apps ourselves?

Absolutely! We actually encourage it. We are already building out our documentation and making instructional videos to assist people with this!

+ Is the two-way communication between a Bezlio App and BRDB instantaneous?

All of the Apps can be configured with a particular refresh interval. They can be setup to view your information on a continuous update, or you have the option to click a button to update the App to receive the latest version, typically in less than 2 seconds!


Excuses, Excuses...

+ It will cost a fortune to deploy our sales data on mobile.

Bezlio provides hyper-rapid mobile application development & deployment, increasing security and decreasing cost and lead times.

The hardest part of enterprise data mobility projects has always been providing a secure channel to the data. By utilizing the Bezlio platform to handle your data communications, you can "hyper-rapidly" develop and deploy mobile applications through the Bezlio web portal. When we say "hyper-rapid," we are talking about requiring only a few hours of development! By utilizing our current catalog of integration applications, or building your own, you can quickly create an interface to provide instant access to view and interact with your secured data.

+ We already Have a VPN for our mobile sales teams.

Bezlio's ability to connect easily (and immediately) to your CRM and ERP data provides fast remote access to your mobile workforce without expensive and complicated VPN set-ups.

Bezlio-powered applications and dashboards provide fast, immediate access to your private data. You can avoid the traditional network access process of (a) start up your system, (b) open a VPN channel to your network, (c) open and load your desktop ERP/CRM application, and then (d) access the data you need. All of this can be replaced by Bezlio, without exposing that data to the Internet. Quickly log in to your Bezlio portal account on your desktop or phone and you have immediate access.

+ We don't want to open another network security hole.

Bezlio is the most secure way to access your networked data from outside your firewall. Avoid the high cost and worry of opening holes in your current data security infrastructure by using Bezlio's secure, remote data connectivity to your current CRM and ERP data.

Providing access to live enterprise data from the Internet is a security nightmare. Opening ports in your firewall mean weakening your network defense. Instead, utilize Bezlio's secure data transfer channels to build efficient and powerful applications without affecting your corporate network security strategies.

+ We already have a web dashboard and analytics system.

Bezlio's capabilities go light years beyond simple sales analytics and dashboards. Think way bigger. Think full-featured applications that sit beside your dashboard, combining data from multiple remote systems that allow you to get intelligence AND work on that data remotely.

Instead of a traditional dashboard's "view-only" capability, Bezlio allows you to view, add, delete, modify, drill-down, and analyze your data, as well as even combining data from multiple remote sources. You can build full-featured applications that provide total access to data and allow you perform work remotely, not just look at a few bar charts and alerts.