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Installing Your First Bezl From Gallery

Now that you have your account set-up, follow these 3 steps to install your first bezl from our online Gallery.



Step 1: Navigate to Bezlio Gallery

In the top navigation, click the "Gallery" link.

The left pop-out pane will open and provide a brief description of Gallery. Click the "Visit Gallery" button.

A new window will open and take you to the public gallery.

Step 2: Searching Inside of Bezlio Gallery

The Gallery is organized in multiple ways: by role and by integration type. 

To search by role, click the "By Role" choice in the menu. (This menu is on the left on Bezlio desktop and under the menu icon on a mobile device.)

Select the role you are interested in, and the page will display the all of the bezls that are currently available for that role. (On mobile, scroll down below the menu to see the available bezls.

Select the bezl you are interested in viewing.

The Gallery item detail page will open, which will give you all of the information you need to know about this bezl. You will see a description, a list of the ERP systems that have an existing native integration, screenshots, videos, installation notes, and any supplemental files and queries that are available.


Step 3: Install Your Selected Bezl

To install, simply click the "Install" button.

Bezlio will prompt you to specify which panel should have this new Bezl.

Click "Install," and the new bezl is will appear in your panel.


NOTE: If you receive an error on the panel screen, the most common cause is that the Bezl you selected requires different queries. Please reach out to your Bezlio administrator to resolve this issue.