How to Share Bezls

Learn how you can share Bezls with other users in your organization.


Share Bezls With Other Users


Find Your Favorite Bezl & Click to Share 

In the menu of the Bezl that you would like to share, click the "Share" link.


Select "Share Bezl" from the Menu

When the menu options display, select "Share Bezl".


Enter their Email Address(es)

To share this Bezl with another user, enter their email address.

When you click the "Send Invite" button, the user will receive an email that you have shared a Bezl with them.

Install a Bezl From Another User


Receiving a Bezl From Another User

If you have received an email indicating that someone has shared a Bezl with you, follow these steps to add it to your Bezlio portal.

Create a new "View" on the panel you wish to add this shared Bezl. Click the triangle next to the panel name, and select "Create View".


Give the New View a Name

Enter a name for your new view, and then click "Create View" button.



Select a Bezl for Your New View

Next we need to select the shared bezl we want to display in our new view. Click the "Select Bezl" button in the blank view we just created.


Select and Activate the Shared Bezl

This screen shows you all of the Bezls you own and the ones that have been shared with you. Select the Bezl that was shared by clicking on the name. The screen will display the Bezl information on the right.

Click the "Select Bezl" button to activate the shared Bezl.