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Mobile Access to Your On-Premise and Cloud Data

Give your On-Premise Applications the Power of Modern Cloud Apps

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Learn how Bezlio can allow you to have all of your on-premise or cloud data combined into one simple, secure and real-time mobile app.


Mobilize On-Premise Data

View Your On-Premise Data On Mobile Devices

Mobilize and access the data inside of your on-premise applications, without moving a single byte to the cloud.

Bezlio allows you to connect securely to on-premise data sources from any mobile device, without needing to synchronize any data or open firewall ports.


Real-Time Data Access

Monitor & React to Your Data in Real-time

Bezlio allows you to monitor your data in real-time, using beautiful mobile-friendly visualizations, to stay on top of what is happening right now. 

Bezlio also allows you to react to your data in real-time—actionable dashboards with the ability to interact and write transactions back to your original data sources.


Integrate With Everything

On-Premise, Cloud, or Data Mash-ups

Bezlio allows you to connect to any of your data sources, whether it is a secured on-premise database or from any app in the cloud, without changing anything.

Mash-up data from multiple sources to get a real-time picture of your data, providing unique insights that haven’t been available until now.


Develop Anything

Develop Custom Mobile Apps With Easy Tools

Bezlio allows you to personalize how you view and interact with your data on your device.

Utilize our pre-developed role-based mobile apps. Build a mobile app using our templates and wizards. Or, utilize our developer tools which allow for infinite customizability using modern web standards.



How Bezlio Works


Connect to Any Data Source

Deliver Data to Any Device

Personalize Your Experience

View & Act on Your Data



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