Mobile Field Sales and Service for Epicor ERP

Bezlio allows you to access your Epicor CRM & ERP data in real-time, right from your live database, on any mobile device! Bezlio provides a robust app for delivering ERP data to your mobile teams: field service, installation, engineering, and sales.

Our app provides real-time, read/write access to your Epicor ERP. Take advantage of mobile push notifications and offline mode with local device caching.

Picture of an iPhone with a Bezlio CRM screen that displays data from an Epicor ERP/CRM database in real-time. Users can interact with the data and get push notifications.
Badge for Bezlio Built For Epicor ERP. This badge represent's Bezlio's native integration with the Epicor ERP, versions 9.05 and 10. Bezlio provides Epicor mobile apps, Epicor dashboards, and Epicor analytics solutions.


Field Sales


Mobile CRM App for Epicor ERP / CRM

The first Epicor field sales app designed specifically for manufacturing and distribution companies. Bezlio connects field sales teams with the information they need in Epicor, right where they are — whenever they need it.

  • Customer Dashboard

  • Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes

  • Suspects, Prospects, and Customers

  • Customer Contacts

  • Quote Details

  • Quote Expected Close Date & Probability

  • Quote Close Reason Tracking

  • Call logging

  • Click-to-Call, Click-to-Dial, Click-to-Navigate

  • Vice-to-Text



Field Time & Materials


Field Service App for Epicor ERP

Field service teams often need to track their time, record equipment issues, research and update parts/inventory, etc. The process of submitting all of this data back into Epicor ERP may require many steps across several screens. When you consider the amount of time this takes, along with the fact that field workers have to content with spotty mobile reception makes it extremely difficult for field service teams to complete all the necessary steps at the job site.

Bezlio allows mobile field service teams to have screens on their mobile device where they can work with data even if they don’t have an internet connection. The one-screen process eliminates the complex multi-screen data entry process, ensuring all information is entered and all steps are completed.



Why Bezlio?

Illustration of four different mobile and desktop devices, which can all run Bezlio and display real-time Epicor ERP data.

Epicor Data On Any Desktop or Mobile Device

Illustration of a tablet surrounded by icons that represent multiple data sources. All of these data sources can be connected in real-time, including Epicor ERP, to your mobile device using Bezlio.

Mash-Up Any Other Data Sources with Epicor ERP Data

Illustration of legacy code and reporting platforms that are compatible with Bezlio.

Supports Legacy Reporting Technologies

Illustration of a hand holding a stopwatch, representing Bezlio's ability to read Epicor ERP data in real-time.

Real-Time Access to Epicor Data on Any Device

Illustration of Epicor and Bezlio logo, representing Bezlio's ability to read and write data to Epicor from any mobile device.

Dashboards and Apps With Bi-Directional Data

Illustration of a Bezlio panel with various sized Bezls, which help to represent Bezlio's ability to display visualizations of Epicor data in infinite ways.

Unlimited Visualizations, Designs, and Layouts



Q & A:  Epicor + Bezlio

+ Is Bezlio a two-way integration or is it simply a way to view the information inside of Epicor ERP?

Bezlio is a two-way integration that can both read and write information to Epicor ERP.

+ Does Bezlio read and write directly to the Epicor SQL database?

It can read and write directly to both Epicor ERP and SQL. Bezlio can interact with Epicor using the official Epicor Business Objects, or it can communicate directly with SQL. However, we recommend not writing to Epicor tables using SQL, and instead, we recommend using the Epicor business objects.

+ Can Bezlio work with a cloud (multi-tenant) ERP setup? Or does it work only on-premise?

Yes! Bezlio can communicate to a multi-tenant ERP set-up.

+ Does Bezlio update only the information that has changed since last modified? Or does it rewrite full tables from Epicor?

Since Bezlio does not store your data in the cloud, all of the data you are accessing is directly from your Epicor database. On the front-end, the user can set refresh intervals from Epicor down to be as frequent as once per second. When writing back to Epicor, Bezlio uses the business objects to safely perform database transactions.



The Blog: Bezlio + Epicor ERP