Give Your Field Service Teams Real-time Mobile Access to Your ERP

Bezlio is an app that you can install onto any iOS or Android mobile device that allows you to connect to any existing ERP system and provide mobile access to all of the data that your mobile field service sales teams would ever need.

Bezlio also gives you a low-code/no-code platform to build screens, applications, and interactive dashboards using simple drag-and-drop tools to go beyond what any other stock field service app or platform can provide.


Kurt Schron, Senior Business Analyst

“…the two-way ability to write data back to our SQL database is a game changer. It allows our sales reps and other remote users to be on their iPhones/iPads and update our ERP solution in real-time. It has changed how we are able to track tasks and monitor inventory levels.”


Field Service Mobile Platform Features

Icon of a cell reception indicator that has been struck through, representing Bezlio’s ability to work offline without a cell reception or internet connection which can be critical for field workers.


Never worry about spotty internet connections. Bezlio allows you to work offline and sync again later.

Icon of a stop watch that represents Bezlio’s ability to read and write data in real-time with any on-premise or cloud data source. This is a critical feature when working remotely to ensure that you have the latest data.


All information is displayed in real-time from any on-premise or cloud application. No synchronization or delayed data.

Icon of a pencil on paper that represents Bezlio's ability to both read and write back to on-premise or cloud data sources from any mobile device.


Develop screens that display real-time data and allow field workers to send transactions back to your ERP.

Icon of a mobile phone which represent's Bezlio’s strength as a BYOD friendly platform due to the fact that Bezlio does not store data locally or in the cloud.


Bezlio never stores data on the device or in the cloud, making it a perfect platform for BYOD, using existing mobile devices.

A notification chat bubble icon which represents Bezlio’s ability to utilize native push notifications on mobile devices that can alert field service workers of important information, exceptions, or events on their mobile device.


Take advantage of push notifications to alert your field workers and teams of critical information and exceptions.

A pen nib icon which represents the ability to create seamless, single screen apps that are easy for field workers to access and use, developed on the Bezlio no-code development platform.


Utilize efficient single screen designs and workflows to make field service data entry fast, efficient, and accurate.

An icon of location services or GPS enabled on a device, which represents Bezlio’s ability to let you use the native hardware on your mobile device inside of your apps, such as GPS, camera or haptic feedback.


Take advantage of mobile device hardware such as cameras, GPS, and haptic feedback to enhance your apps.

Icons that represent building blocks that define Bezlio’s market in no-code or low-code mobile app development.


Use minimal development to link to any of your data and build whatever functionality that you need.

An icon of multiple arrows which represents Bezlio’s ability to bring together multiple data sources into one application to increase efficiency and enhance field service results.


Bring data together from multiple applications and data sources to increase efficiency and enhance results.


Create Your Own Custom Mobile App

Your business has unique processes, workflows, and goals. Why not customize our cutting-edge mobile app for your ERP software to get precisely what you need? Use up to all three of the below processes to craft the ideal ERP mobile app for your business...

Pre-Built Bezls

These drop-in features cover everything from labor entry to location transfer.

Create Your Own

Our intuitive platform allows you to easily build custom functions.

In-House Experts

Work with Bezlio experts to craft custom functions that suit your business.