Epicor ERP Mobile Apps & Web Access

Imagine having all of the powerful functionality and data processing of Epicor ERP but with an interface on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  Epicor mobile apps and web access functionality allow you to access all of your Epicor ERP data, to any device, from anywhere!

Featured Epicor Mobile Apps

An Epicor mobile app that allows for labor time tracking on multiple jobs.

Time Tracking: Multi-Job Hours Entry

Enter a breakdown of labor transaction hours for jobs within Epicor ERP on any device, from anywhere!

A mobile application for Epicor ERP to allow the user to approve and edit purchase orders from any device with web access.

Mobile Purchase Order Approval Screen

View, edit and approve Epicor ERP purchase orders from any device, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android.


Q&A: Bezlio + Epicor ERP

+ Is Bezlio a two-way integration or is it simply a way to view the information inside of Epicor ERP?

Bezlio is a two-way integration that can both read and write information to Epicor ERP.

+ Does Bezlio read and write directly to the Epicor SQL database?

It can read and write directly to both Epicor ERP and SQL. Bezlio can interact with Epicor using the official Epicor Business Objects, or it can communicate directly with SQL. However, we recommend not writing to Epicor tables using SQL, and instead, we recommend using the Epicor business objects.

+ Can Bezlio work with a cloud (multi-tenant) ERP setup? Or does it work only on-premise?

Unfortunately, Bezlio will not function in a multi-tenant hosting environment because Bezlio's communication component needs direct access to SQL Server and the ERP. Epicor's multi-tenant set-up does not allow direct access to the SQL server.

+ Does Bezlio update only the information that has changed since last modified? Or does it rewrite full tables from Epicor?

Since Bezlio does not store your data in the cloud, all of the data you are accessing is directly from your Epicor database. On the front-end, the user can set refresh intervals from Epicor down to be as frequent as once per second. When writing back to Epicor, Bezlio uses the business objects to safely perform database transactions.

The Latest Epicor Mobile Apps