Mobilize All Your Data

Read + Write, Real-Time Access, With No Cloud Synchronization


Bezlio is a platform and toolkit that enables anyone to build portals and apps that allow you to view and interact with on-premises and cloud data on any device, from anywhere. Our technology lets you bring multiple data sources into one centralized area, display that data in real-time, and even write back to update the original data sources!



The Platform

Learn how Bezlio works and how to connect to your on-premises data without synchronizing.

The Integrations

Learn about the various ERPs, CRMs, and databases that Bezlio integrates with.

Resellers & VARs

Earn commissions by delivering Bezlio-based apps and services to your customers.



2-Way Data Communication

Most other data analytics and application platforms provide read-only access to your data.

Bezlio’s unique data communications systems provides full 2-way, read/write access to your ERP or CRM data. Now you can not only view your data, but you can build apps that allow you to act on and update your data sources.


No Cloud Synchronization

Most data analytics solutions require you to synchronize your data to the cloud before you can access it. That roadblock adds time and considerable expense to any implementation project.

Bezlio can access on-premises data sources as easily and securely as cloud-based data. Your ERP or CRM data can stay secured, right where it natively lives. Bezlio implementations take hours, not weeks or months.


Real-Time Data Access

Because other solutions require you to synchronize data to the cloud before it can be consumed, you are forced to always work with old, historic data. Those services only allow you to see what happened awhile ago.

In contrast, Bezlio allows you to see what is happening right now! By accessing and displaying your ERP and CRM data in real-time with Bezlio, you can make quicker decisions based on current data, not that old, "stale" data that other platforms are feeding you.


Multiple Data Sources & Mashups

Many data analytics and mobile application platforms are built to integrate with a single data source. But, do you only have one data source? We didn’t think so either!

Bezlio allows you to connect to as many data sources as needed, combining access to both on-premises and cloud-based data into one succinct portal. Mash-up that data with other third party tools like Google Maps and you can create powerful mobile applications for your users.


Simple Architecture & Easy Set-up

Other data analytics solutions require you to build out complex data cubes before you even get a chance to start consuming your data.

Bezlio is simple…

Step 1 - Install - We install a small application inside of your firewall.

Step 2 - Connect - Add your integrations, database queries, & users.

Step 3 - Build - Create interactive apps, charts and powerful views of your data.

Bezlio initial set-ups can happen in less than a day and can be done at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.


Familiar Development Languages

The data is easy to access and the applications are easy to develop. All apps within Bezlio are developed using basic HTML and JavaScript.


Pre-Built Visualizations + Tools and Templates

Bezlio Gallery is a carefully curated archive of pre-developed dashboards, apps and data visualizations that you can browse, select, and instantly install into your Bezlio account.

Need something custom? Bezlio has an array of built in apps and templates that make building grids, charts, and other visualizations of data a breeze.


Support and Documentation

All of Bezlio’s plugins are hosted on GitHub, with extensive documentation and notes to help understand the plugins and help to develop your own.

Our Slack channel is the perfect place to ask questions with the community and reach out to our developer team. 



30-Day Free Trial
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