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Mobilize Your Existing CRM

Get Your Existing CRM Data on Any Mobile Device


Sales teams are among the most mobile parts of any organization. Providing them with mobile access to your existing CRM and ERP data isn't just helpful ... it is a requirement to stay ahead of your competitors and to keep them productive.  

Bezlio provides real-time mobile access to your sales intelligence and predictive analytics data on any device from anywhere: smartphone, tablet, or laptop!


 Bezlio app screenshots on three different devices to show how it can display data and be an incredible tool for mobile sales reps and teams as it combines your CRM and ERP data into one complete & incredible tool.


Real-Time Sales Intelligence

KPI,Visualizations, & Dashboards

Sales teams respond to having access to tools that empower, educate, and motivate. Bezlio provides graphical KPIs and dashboards that provide business intelligence and transparency into your customer accounts!

 A Bezlio for Sales Teams screenshot of an example of a pie chart on a KPI and dashboard showing real-time sales data from an ERP system that can be used by account managers to get profitable business intelligence from their data systems.


Powerful Data Combinations

CRM + ERP = Sales Insights 

If you don't have access to your ERP data as it relates to CRM data, then you are hindering your future sales opportunities. If you want to build solid customer relationships and maximize sales per customer, then your sales team needs a complete picture of sales, products sold, order status, frequent customer sales analytics and more. 

Bezlio connects your current ERP and CRM applications into one complete mobile system that provides dashboards, KPIs, and apps that give your sales team the tools and insight to maximize your customer relationships!

 Illustration of 4 screenshots from the Bezlio for Sales Teams platform in isometric perspective.  These screenshots are from different Bezlio apps that provide bi-directional integration with CRM and ERP systems.


Integrate Salesforce With Your ERP

Context-Aware, Real-Time INtegration

Bezlio uses an innovative method of real-time data integration with Salesforce CRM and any other on-premises ERP to provide applications that are truly connected!

Bring your data sources together into one complete interface and provide applications that allow sales teams to write transactions back to your ERP.

 Illustration of how Salesforce can be integrated with any other data source, like an ERP, by using Bezlio.


Bezlio Gallery

Community-Inspired Apps and Dashboards

Our Gallery is a carefully curated archive of pre-developed dashboards, apps and data visualizations that you can browse, select, and instantly install.

The content of the Bezlio Gallery is driven and shaped by you -- the entire Bezlio community. We invite you to vote on Bezls you would like to see released and we welcome you to submit your own Bezls too!

 An image of three stacked boxes which is the logo for the Bezlio Gallery, an app store with pre-built business intelligence widgets, dashboards, vusualizations and more for any ERP. They can be installed instantly into a Bezlio account.


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