Easily Mobilize Your CRM

Mobile Apps & Software for Sales Reps & Sales Teams


Your Sales Team Has Never Had Access to a Tool Like This...Ever!  

Bezlio allows your sales organization to effortlessly blend data from your CRM and ERP systems into one complete portal for your sales team. Get real-time, actionable insight on your customers to maximize revenue opportunities and solidify relationships. Provide your entire team with bi-directional, mobile access to all of your data, on any device, from anywhere!

Your CRM data with your ERP data, on all your devices!

Bezlio can work and integrate with a variety of CRM systems to provide a sales team with the ability to coordinate sales data from any mobile device, from anywhere.


Bezlio also integrates with your current ERP system to provide an incredible enhancement to just having CRM data.  Blend your two data sources together.


Bezlio combines your CRM data with your ERP data and enables you to access them on any device.  This includes apps for mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.  Any device!

CRM & Sales Data on Any Mobile Device

Sales teams are among the most mobile parts of any organization. Providing them with mobile accessibility to CRM and ERP data isn't just helpful...it is a requirement to stay ahead of your competitors and to keep them productive.  

Bezlio for Sales Teams provides access to your sales intelligence and data on any device from anywhere: smartphone, tablet, or laptop...all without a VPN. Make your sales team productive wherever they are!

Animated graphic of 3 different devices, representing Bezlio's ability to provide sales teams with an almost instant way to mobilize their reps.  The Bezlio SaaS software provides apps, reports and dashboards that blend CRM data with ERP data to give incredible insights to sales teams of all sizes. 

Bi-Directional ERP and CRM Data...Together

If you don't have access to your ERP data in addition to CRM data, then you are hindering future sales opportunities. If you want to build solid customer relationships and maximize sales per customer, then your sales team needs a complete picture of sales, products sold, order status, frequent customer sales analytics and more. 

Bezlio connects your current ERP and CRM applications into one complete system that provides dashboards, KPIs, and apps that give your sales team the tools and insight to maximize customer relationships.

Illustration of 4 screenshots from the Bezlio for Sales Teams platform in isometric perspective.  These screenshots are from different Bezlio apps that provide bi-directional integration with CRM and ERP systems.

Integrate Salesforce With Any Data Source

Bezlio uses an innovative method of real-time data integration with Salesforce CRM and any other data source to ensure that you keep your data right where it is!

Bring all of your data sources together into one complete interface. 

Illustration of how Salesforce can be integrated with any other data source, like an ERP, by using Bezlio.

Real-Time Mobile CRM Data

Your customers expect answers in real-time. Make sure your sales team has access to real-time data.

Other cloud-based sales intelligence solutions require you to synchronize data to the cloud, forcing your sales team to work with out of date information. Bezlio connects to your actual data sources, right at the database level, ensuring that you have instant, accurate, real-time data, and insights to your customers that your competitors don’t have!

An isometric illustration of how Bezlio, acting as a cloud SaaS solution, pulls data from databases and sources internal to your enterprise and then provides real-time data access to CRM and ERP systems from any mobile device from anywhere.

Interactive Mobile Applications For Your CRM

Every minute your sales team spends on paperwork and data entry is lost sales productivity. Bezlio is more than a tool to display and query data.  

Bezlio’s mobile applications allow you to read from and write back to your ERP and CRM, providing a single efficient solution to keep your team productive.

An isometric screenshot of a Bezlio Customer Quote Entry app that can be run on any mobile device by sales teams and reps in the field to enable them to be more productive and efficient.

Real-Time Sales Intelligence With KPIs & Dashboards

Sales teams respond to having access to tools that empower, educate, and motivate. Bezlio provides graphical KPIs and dashboards that provide business intelligence and transparency into their accounts and their own success. 

A Bezlio for Sales Teams screenshot of an example of a pie chart on a KPI and dashboard showing real-time sales data from an ERP system that can be used by account managers to get profitable business intelligence from their data systems.

Mash-up Data From Multiple Sources

The sum can be greater than its parts. ERP and CRM systems are incredible tools, but their value exponentially grows when they are combined in unique and unusual ways.  

Bezlio can "mash together" data from multiple sources, and bring together the best mobile tools available to make your team efficient and confident that it is armed with the best, most accurate view of their accounts.

A screenshot of a Bezlio app that is a mash-up of data from two separate sources.  In this case, Google Maps and a CRM are combined to provide an incredible mapping tool for mobile sales reps.

Share Apps Quickly With Your Sales Team

Responding quickly to your sales team’s data needs is critical. Sharing data needs to be fast, efficient and immediate.  

Bezlio’s apps can be quickly shared with team members with only a few clicks, ensuring that the best data gets into the right hands…immediately!  

An illustration of how Bezlio allows you to share apps, reports and data with sales teams on any device.  An app that provides analytics or KPIs can be shared quickly with teams in the field, ensuring that that they are all sharing the same data.

Build Your Own Apps, Dashboards and KPIs

Growth through acquiring new customers and expanding existing relationships means that your sales team’s need will grow. New views of data, unique insights into customer purchasing, and new applications will allow your team to grow without the growing pains.

Bezlio is a superior platform with infinite growth potential. New applications and capabilities can be added rapidly, ensuring that your team never falls behind with technology.

A screenshot of HTML code that is used when developing your own mobile apps for mobile sales teams using Bezlio.  Developers can build their own apps, KPIs, dashboards & analytics for any specific needs of your sales team.

Fine Tune Your Team's Security & Rights

Data and information are incredibly powerful...as long as it is controlled properly.  

Bezlio has fine-grained user controls to ensure that sales teams and individuals see only the information and data that are appropriate to them. 

An illustration of how different users of Bezlio can have different security setting and rights, based on administrative set-up.


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