Mobilize Your ERP Data with Bezlio

Manufacturers and distributors all face a challenge: mobilizing enterprise data. Current ERPs either don’t have a mobile solution or lack the features and support companies need to derive value from it. Because of this, many companies continue to use spreadsheets or even paper processes to manage enterprise data putting their customers and their businesses at risk.

Bezlio is the first and only solution to this industry-wide challenge.



What is Bezlio?

Bezlio is a mobile add-on to your existing ERP, helping to bridge the gap where it can’t be used on mobile devices. This allows employees to use ERP data beyond the four walls as well as on-site without the need for development or outsourcing.


Who is Bezlio for?

  • Field service workers

  • Field-based engineers

  • Field installation

  • Field maintenance techs

  • Sales representatives

  • Production shop floor workers


How does Bezlio work?

Bezlio sits on top of your existing ERP (legacy or current). Employees use their own mobile devices to manage customer data, inventory levels, job statuses, and more. Virtually anything can be viewed, accessed, updated, and reported on within Bezlio.


Is Bezlio safe for enterprise?

Bezlio uses a unique data transfer system to route information from your database to user devices. Only approved users can access data, and you can set granular permissions to control who sees what. All data features AES 256-level encryption.


How Bezlio Can Help Your Teams


Field Service Workers

Bezlio empowers field service workers to provide exceptional customer service experiences in every job performed. Workers can start and end jobs, update inventories, view and manage customer data, add notes to jobs, and track time and materials.


Field Engineering

Engineers manage a significant amount of data when in the field. That time and information must be carefully tracked for billing and recorded in your ERP. Bezlio’s read/write capability, time tracking, push notifications, and customizable interface help to keep engineers at peak productivity.


Field Installation

Because of the time your installers spend at customer facilities doing billable work, it’s critical that their time is tracked and centrally located within your ERP. Bezlio allows installers to manage time, materials, and expenses easily while also customizing workflow and receiving notifications.


Field Maintenance

Maintenance — whether a one-time repair or an ongoing service contract — is an important part of your business and your clients’ productivity. Bezlio helps field maintenance manage schedules, job details, time tracking, materials used, and more.


Sales Representatives

Bezlio helps remote and independent reps work off of ERP data-based task lists, note customer interactions to prevent lost data, manage open quotes, view historical data, use device haptics to call/email, and even manage unique sales execution workflows.


Production Shop Floor Workers

Bezlio keeps on-site workers efficient and workflows optimized by offering a simple solution for accurate time and materials tracking, smart alerts for inventory and priority, simple workflow customization, material usage, and much more.