Bezlio is a Mobile Application Development Platform for ERPs, CRMs, and More


More than ever, businesses are conducting sales and service in the field where their customers are — but their data isn’t. A gap between data and the ability to access that data in the field has formed, resulting in operational inefficiency, lost productivity, and customer service challenges. Most solutions only provide cloud-based access, which puts valuable, private customer data at risk of exposure to the Internet.

Bezlio bridges this gap by providing a user-friendly, low/no code mobile application development platform that connects field teams with the data they need, right when they need it. Field teams can read and write back to your platforms securely, without risking the data or your firewall, and from any iOS or Android device. A number of ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and database integrations are available, with more and more being added.

The best part is that it doesn’t come with the same price tag as an ERP or CRM build-out — and it can all be set up in less than a day.


Drag & drop screen design

Build Mobile Apps With Easy No-Code/Low-code Tools

Our no-code/low-code mobile development platform allows you to build mobile apps using our templates and wizards. Or, utilize our advanced developer tools which allow for unlimited possibilities to customize and extend functionality.


Works from anywhere

Give mobile Teams access to data wherever they work

Bezlio allows your teams to have real-time access to your ERP data in easy to use dashboards wherever they need it—on mobile devices, desktop, or on the plant floor.


Live connection to any data

Real-time data access to On-Premise or Cloud Data

Bezlio allows you to build applications that connect in real-time to on-premise or cloud data sources from any mobile device, without needing to synchronize any of your data or open firewall ports.


Read & write back

Build Apps that Read Data and write back in real-time

Bezlio allows you to build applications that read from your ERP, CRM or any on-premise data source. Go even further by building apps that also write-back to your original data sources, all in real-time.