The Bezlio Platform Components

Communicate securely between your data inside your private network and any trusted device


Bezlio is a revolutionary platform that allows you to utilize the cloud to access and interact with your data using apps, analytics, and dashboards, all without requiring you to expose your private enterprise data to the Internet.

Using a secure token-based system through a cloud-based communications network, Bezlio can communicate securely between your data already inside of your private network and any trusted device across the internet.

Isometric diagram of how Bezlio communicates between your private network databases and mobile users, using a token-based system for authentication.

Using Bezlio's data connectors, you can build anything from simple dashboards and database analytics to complex product configurators and mobile applications that integrate with your internal applications and databases.  Applications can be developed and deployed in what we describe as "hyper-rapid."  Using Bezl templates and some HTML coding, you can develop a mobile enterprise application that communicates with live data in as little as an hour or two.

Rapidly mobilize your data and business functions without the complexities of securing the data.  All of your enterprise data can now be securely accessed in the cloud by employees, partners, suppliers, or customers without compromising your current network security.

Bezlio Remote Data Broker

The Bezlio Remote Data Broker (BRDB) gets installed within your local network.  This application not only communicates with your data sources but also authenticates and determines that it is communicating with only trusted users and devices on the outside. 

Bezlio Data Integrations

To connect with specific entities, such as ERP systems, CRMs, or databases, BRDB utilizes specific pre-developed BRDB integrations.  These integrations allow BRDB to communicate with your "firewalled" applications using its native APIs.

Bezlio Cloud

The Bezlio Cloud sits in the cloud, powered by Microsoft's Azure environment.  Encrypted traffic flows between BRDB, through the Bezlio Cloud, to the Bezlio Portal interface running on your mobile devices.

Bezlio Portal

The Bezlio Portal is the front-end where users log in to interact with applications, analytics, and dashboards that are developed to work with your data.

Bezlio Data Tokens

The Bezlio Data Tokens contains the shared security keys which allow users to communicate with the BRDB installed within your network.  This data connection establishes you as a trusted user.

App Panels

An App Panel is the base component of the Bezlio Portal which communicates through the Bezlio API to a specific Bezlio Integration inside of your network.  A panel is essentially the canvas on which you add specific views of your data.

App Views



The App View controls how you view the data.  By utilizing basic HTML markup and queries, you can develop everything from basic analytics and dashboards to robust web applications that act as front-ends to your internal systems.