Bezlio Raises $1.85 Million to Accelerate Development of B2B Mobile Data App

Bezlio provides real-time data access on any mobile device. 

AKRON, OH – Akron-based business, Bezlio, formerly known as SaberLogic, recently shifted its focus after 16 years, raising $1.85 million led by Cleveland-based JumpStart Inc. to relaunch its business as a no-code/low-code software platform.  

Bezlio provides mobile dashboards for on-premise and cloud data from CRM and ERP platforms, allowing remote employees the ability to access real-time data to improve their productivity and increase their sales without needing to create custom or ad-hoc reports.  With Bezlio, employees can view orders, reports, see a payment status, keep track of outstanding tasks, etc. without having to remotely sign onto on-premise software systems. The Bezlio mobile app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Bezlio was born in 2016, when CEO Adam Ellis and CTO Brian Ellis recognized their SaberLogic custom ERP consulting customers had the same problem—not being able to access their data systems on mobile devices. They decided to create a mobile app to get that information into their customers’ hands. And customers responded. 

After an ambitious pilot project with 500 trial users in 2017, Bezlio began seeking funding to build on their momentum and increase their sales and marketing staff. JumpStart Inc. came on as the lead investor in 2018. 

Ultimately, ProMedica Ventures, M25, North Coast Angel Fund, Bounce Innovation Hub and several private angel investors joined JumpStart as funders, allowing Bezlio to raise $1.85 million and formalize the investment round.

Energized by this seed round, growth at the company has accelerated rapidly. Eight new employees were hired and Bezlio subscriber revenue saw a 52% growth rate YTD. The company relocated from Wadsworth to downtown Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub in September.

The Bezlio native mobile app is the company’s next step in providing real-time data access. “The app is a major step forward to provide our customers with the tools needed to solve substantial business challenges rapidly,” said Adam Ellis.

Using drag-and-drop tools, custom dashboards can be created within the app, allowing users to see the information they need in a snapshot view. The app also features new support for barcoding, push notifications, and offline support.

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About Bezlio

Bezlio was established in 2016 by custom development services firm SaberLogic. Bezlio provides a no-code/low-code development platform with a mobile app that gives mobile workers, like sales, field techs, and shop floor users, access to any on-premise or cloud data from their mobile device. With Bezlio, employees can monitor data in real-time, using beautiful mobile-friendly visualizations, to stay on top of what is happening right now and react to data in real-time with actionable dashboards with the ability to write back to original data sources.  For additional information, visit