Bezlio Pricing

All Bezlio accounts come with a 30-day free trial, which allows you to take advantage of all Bezlio features risk-free!


Individual User

30 Day Free Trial


Unlimited Apps, including all CRM+ERP Apps

Includes Bezlio Remote Data Broker

20% instant discount for annual pre-payment

Corporate Account

30 Day Free Trial

$250/mo for 10 users

All of the same features as individual accounts

Includes 10 users (additional users can be added*)

20% instant discount for annual pre-payment


Internal Users

$20/mo for 11 to 99 users

$15/mo for 100+ users

External Users


Accounts for users external to your organization, limited to one per external entity.

For example, if you are using Bezlio as a customer portal you may use this component for a single user at each of your customers.


User and Licensing FAQs

What is the definition of a user?

A user is a unique individual. A single user can utilize their account on multiple devices. For example, a single user can run Bezlio on their desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. 


What happens if you have a shared terminal using Bezlio?

You would need to purchase an individual license for the number of people that would be interacting with Bezlio. Every single user would have their own Bezlio account login.