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Bezlio Pricing


Basic Account

Self-Service Install & Development

for 10 users

Unlimited Bezls

Unlimited Connected Systems

0 Included Bezls

Free Installation Assistance

Paid Monthly Support

Yearly or Monthly Contracts

Premier Account

White Glove Implementation & Set-up

for 10 users

Unlimited Bezls

Unlimited Connected Systems

3 Included Bezls

Free Installation Assistance

Customer Success Support

Yearly Contract

Additional Users

$20/user/mo for 11 to 99
$15/user/mo for 100+

Additional External Users


External accounts are designed for users external to your organization. You are limited to one per external entity. For example, if you are using Bezlio as a customer portal you may use an external account for a single user at each customer.



Customer Success Support

Streamline your implementation of Bezlio with our industry leading experts. Each month our customer success team will meet with you to help maximize your use of Bezlio. Our customer success engineers will work with you to determine what your pain points are and suggest innovative approaches of how Bezlio can solve those needs.




Dashboard Development

per dashboard

Expertly designed dashboards, powered by Fusion Charts


User and Licensing FAQs

What is the definition of a user?

A user is a unique individual. A single user can utilize their account on multiple devices. For example, a single user can run Bezlio on their desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. 


What happens if you have a shared terminal using Bezlio?

You would need to purchase an individual license for the number of people that would be interacting with Bezlio. Every single user would have their own Bezlio account login.